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10 Simple Bathroom Decor Ideas To Go From Drab to Fab Overnight
bathroom decor ideas

For most of us, the bathroom is the first place we go in the morning and most likely the last place before bed, hence, bathroom decor is more important than you think.

The colors, decor and overall design of this space can impact your mood and perception positively or negatively (and we don’t want that).

So, today we give you some cool decor tips to turn your bathroom decor from drab to fab.

 1. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Black Accents

bathroom decor ideas

As mentioned in our 10 Modern Interior Design Tips for 2018 – Black Version article, black can take your bathroom from basic and boring to luxurious and classy in an instant.

Not only does it work well as an accent tone/color but also define the important elements of the space, such as facets, showerheads, and towel racks.

Tip: Don’t overdo the black, just a little touch here and there in the right places will be enough. Also, if you don’t want to spend on new bathroom fixtures, just getting some black towels will do.

2. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Floral Decorations

bathroom decor ideas
Courtesy of Martina Gemmola

Flowers are rare in most bathrooms as it is not often considered as a space to put something so beautiful, I guess.

However, adding some floral arrangement to your bathroom can spruce up your bathroom decor almost on their own.

Not to mention, floral decorations (real or fake) can be sourced cheaply or be on the expensive side, depending on your budget. So, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Tip: Depending on the color florals you choose, try to complement it with another bathroom accessory of a similar or contrasting shade, as shown in the image above. This will help to add more volume.

3. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Unfinished Backsplash

bathroom decor ideas
Courtesy of Kate la vie

If you aren’t thinking it, we will say it for you. The unfinished backsplash definitely gives an outdoor picket fence feel, and we are loving it. It is artsy, creative and unique.

You won’t see your friends or other family members with anything like this, plus it is something you can build on to create an overall outdoorsy feel to your bathroom decor.

Tip: Adding a separate color or shade to separate the top and bottom part of the design would be a great idea.

4. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Storage

bathroom decor ideas

If you live somewhere like NYC or Paris, then we know space is not on your side, especially when it comes to the bathroom. We are just talking a literal hole in the wall!

To utilize such a small space and make it inviting and stylish comes down to using the right colors or patterns and stacking.

As highlighted in the image above, having shelves above the toilet allows you to stack towels, magazines, decorations, and even speakers to blare some music. If you don’t have shelves built in already, you can purchase a rack that sits over your toilet to do the job.

Tip: If you have a small bathroom, overcrowding is the worst thing you can do. Leave some space to breathe.

Buy rack here: Asstd National Brand Boyce and Balch Large Wall Rack

5. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Creative Mirrors

bathroom decor ideas

A unique mirror can add so much life to your bathroom. The bathroom mirror is often relegated to the front of the medicine cabinet or a plain boring square.

Not anymore!

Adding some style to the design of your mirror is a cool way to take your bathroom decor from drab to fab automatically. It says class and style all in one.

Tip: Don’t get too excited and overdo it. No jagged edges and abnormal shapes, unless it fits nicely into your design.

6. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Pastel Colors

bathroom decor ideas

Pastel shades and hues are soothing, soft and somewhat neutral, making it the perfect shade to contrast with other colors in your bathroom.

The neutrality of these colors not only relates to the decor but also they make a space unisex, not overly feminine or masculine, but just right in the middle.

You can add pastel colors to your bathroom decor through fabrics, curtains, and accessories.

Tip: Use variations of the same pastel color or blend no more than two different colors to create some contrast, but don’t go wild with all shades of pastel.

Buy here: Jessica Simpson’s Made in the USA 13X13 Wash Towel

7. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Basket

bathroom decor ideas
Courtesy of

Now we’re not talking a “basket” from the corner store, but a real, well woven, durable basket made from bamboo.

This can be used to place dirty laundry or even some extra towels, whatever you choose.

It adds a real rustic yet homey touch to the space.

Tip: A light brown basket fits in with almost any color, but if you have a darker color bathroom, opting for white or light color other than brown will draw attention to it more.

8. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Farmhouse Stool

bathroom decor ideas
Courtesy of Nic Granleese

Similar to the basket, a farmhouse stool will add a natural, rustic, DIY look to your bathroom space.

It can be used to place floral decorations, soap dishes and even magazines for when you have those long baths that require some entertainment.

Tip: Same as #7.

Buy something similar here: Alaterre Furniture Pomona Industrial Farmhouse Stool

9. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Creative Patchwork

bathroom decor ideas
Courtesy of Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling

Adding creative patchwork whether through tiles or even bathroom fixtures and/or accessories can transform this space instantly.

It creates a beautiful Middle Eastern, Morrocan feel to the bathroom and makes it cheerful and inviting.

You and your guests will not want to leave as you are automatically taken to on a cultural journey with this one.

Tip: Don’t put patchwork over the entire bathroom. Use an outline similar to the image above. Overdoing it can create something distasteful, which is not the intention.

10. Bathroom Decor Ideas: Wall Art

bathroom decor ideas
Courtesy of Interior Therapy

Wall art and decor is something you never find in most bathrooms. Fancy artwork is left for the living room, dining room and maybe your bedroom, but you would be surprised the magic that can happen when you add even a small piece of art to your bathroom wall.

Something quirky, unique and interesting will be just enough to get yourself or visitors smiling while taking a shit.

Tip: Make sure the colors on your wall decor properly match or contrast with the other colors of your bathroom.

These are some cool pieces to consider:

Blue & Green “Bathroom Rules” Wall Art

Stupell Industries #Flushthetoilet Hashtag

Upgrading your bathroom decor from drab to fab can literally be done overnight with these ideas.

Some may take longer than others to get finished, but you can play around and find what works for you. These tips are just a guideline to help you create a masterpiece that you will admire.

bathroom decor ideas

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