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10 Small Bathroom Designs To Enlarge Your Space

If you have a small bathroom, trying to organize and make everything fit in the space available is like doing a giant crossword puzzle. Most of us dream of having a vast and spacious bathroom, with a separate tub and shower, maybe even two sinks.

Well, whether or not you’re living in a dream, it is still possible to maximize your bathroom’s full potential by using these strategies to give it an all-around bigger feel. By just employing a few clever visual tricks, you’ll be amazed at how spacious your bathroom appears.

Small Bathroom Designs You Will Love

1. White On White

One of the easiest ways to give your room a spacious look is by using lots of whites – white paint, white tile, white vanity, you get the idea. This non-color color naturally recedes, making the space look much bigger.

White finishes can make any space look bigger, but they’re especially effective in a bathroom. Since a bathroom typically has lots of white fixtures already (the tub, toilet, and sink, for example), using white for other surfaces creates a seamless look that makes the space appear as airy as possible.

2. Tone On Tone

Bathroom Ideas

If you’re not a fan of the stark white, you can still get a very big and breezy effect with a tone-on-tone palette in warm beige, soft grays, or even faint hues like powder blue. Choose something sumptuous for the tile, then find a paint color for the remaining walls that pick up and pull out those hues within. The overall look is still serene and spa-like, but without the jarring visual breaks that shrink your perception of the space. 

3. Use A Floating Vanity

Bathroom Ideas

In a tight bathroom space, it can be tricky to balance a demand for storage with a desire for space to breathe. A floating vanity is a great answer to this. It gives you lots of room to store daily essentials, but the little peek of flooring underneath makes the area feel a notch more open. In a very small space, having a little bit more room to plant your feet can make a big difference.

4. Less Is Always More

Bathroom Ideas

If you don’t really need maximum storage, consider using a smaller vanity to leave a bit more open space, rather than fitting in the biggest unit you can. Leaving a little negative space will make the area feel less stuffed and thus roomier. And if your toilet or tub is next to your vanity, you’ll appreciate the extra open space even more.

5. Go Big With The Mirror

Bathroom Ideas

A big mirror will instantly double the look of your space, and, especially in a bathroom, it can help visually double your investment too! In one sense, a very large mirror can be a bit expensive. However, compared with the price of tiling that wall, a mirror can actually give you an equally dramatic look (if not more so) at a better value. Splurge on a large mirror with a beautiful frame, or go wall-to-wall with a custom-sized piece. The effect can be so powerful that you need little else to make the room look perfectly finished.

6. Use Clear Glass In Your Shower

Bathroom Ideas

Textured glass can make any space feel like it has an extra wall. You may be able to get light in and have some privacy, but it will be a visual barrier within the room. 

7. Bright Lights Are A Must

Bathroom Ideas

Good lighting is important for making any space look big and open, but in bathrooms, which often don’t have much natural light available, it’s especially important. Plus, in a bathroom, you need good lighting to do things such as shave or apply makeup effectively, so its importance can’t be overstated.

For these reasons, it’s key to have a rich lighting scheme, preferably with multiple light sources at different locations. A grid of ceiling lights, as well as sconces or a contemporary edge-lighted mirror will help you avoid shadowing and make the space feel bright and open.

8. Create Long Lines

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However, your bathroom is shaped (perfect rectangle or more oddly shaped) you can usually find one wall that is longer than the others to draw attention to. Adding a shelf, a band of tile, a molding chair rail or another long element (even a simple stripe of paint) can help emphasize the longest line in your room and draw the eye to the widest point.

9. Cut Back Anything That Sticks Out

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Even the smallest piece of furniture or accessory that sticks out into the room can stop where your eye goes and make your room seem to “shrink.” Remove wall shelves, hanging racks, or decorative accessories on the walls that cut into the room and make it look smaller. Of course, you may need some of the pieces for comfort and their usefulness, but if the room feels bigger without them, think of some other way to supply the space you need.

10. Eliminate All Clutter

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A clean, neat bathroom always looks larger and more spacious than a cluttered, dirty one! Have only essential must-have’s visible and put away everything else. Spend some time organize storage areas in a linen closet or vanity to make the most of what you have.

Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean that it has to be dull. It can be a warm and inviting retreat, showing off your sense of color and style.

Small Bathroom Designs
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Small Bathroom Designs
Small Bathroom Designs

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