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11 Beautiful Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Create That Rustic Feel

The farmhouse is a world away from many of our realities, but in recent years farmhouse decor has become a cool and trendy design to spruce up a room.

The farm conjures up emotions of happiness and joy. You feel alive and well when you are close to nature. This is what farmhouse decor brings to your home, a rustic feel that puts the outdoors right at your fingertips, whether you live in the country or in a concrete jungle.

Today, we give you 11 farmhouse decor ideas that are unique and stylish. Your home will not only transform into a 19th-century farmhouse but you will become a connoisseur of interior decor.

So, let’s start decorating.

1. DIY House Number Sign

farmhouse decor ideas - house number sign

Looking to spruce up the front of your home and give off that country vibe, this DIY house number sign by A Crafted Passion is a great way to do that. It is simple, clean and rustic yet modern.

2. DIY Bookshelf

diy farmhouse decor ideas - bookshelf

This DIY bookshelf by Ana White is the perfect way to store not only your books but also stylish, decorative items to add more creativity and originality to your space.

3. DIY Console Table

diy farmhouse decor ideas - console table

An entryway or console table should always be a memorable piece as it welcome guests and gives them an instant impression of your home. This design by Home Decor Momma adds a farm kitchen feel that immediately takes you out to the countryside.

4. Mirrors

farmhouse decor ideas - mirrors

This mirror adds not only a rustic feel but opens up the room and brings in more light. It is a unique piece to place in living rooms, dining rooms and even entryways. You can check it out over at Etsy.

5. Box Grater Towel Rack

farmhouse decor ideas - graterThis DIY mounted grater idea is genius plus very diverse. It can work in your bathroom or kitchen and adds an original touch to either space. Where else have you gone and seen anything like this? Your home would be the talk of your guests. Check out how it’s done here.

6. Re-purposed Rake

farmhouse decor ideas - repurposed rake

Now if this isn’t some serious re-purposing, I don’t know what is. This is an amazing way to bring the country into your kitchen by doing very little. Just clean up that rake you haven’t used in months and take farmhouse chic to a whole other level.

7. Dining Table

farmhouse decor ideas - dining table

The dining table has long been a farmhouse decor staple. It is the perfect piece to just cut a slab of wood and add some metal or wooden feet and the farm is in your home. However, you can add your unique touch and take it up a notch with some rustic metal chairs to make it even more country.

8. DIY Mason Jar Table Decor

farmhouse decor ideas - mason jar table decor

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This idea works well to store your most used kitchen utensils. This DIY mason jar set can be easily made with used jars from your kitchen, some paint, ribbons and wood stain.

9. Re-purposed Ladder

farmhouse decor ideas - repurposed ladder

Have an old ladder in the garage or shed that you haven’t used in ages? Well, this gives you an awesome tool to rework and automatically bring the country into your home by creating a porch or living room piece that draws all the attention.

All you need is some spray paint, and if the ladder is already rusting then not much needs to be done.

10. Wooden Bathroom Shelf Organizer

farmhouse decor ideas - wooden shelf organizer

If you’re looking for the perfect wall organizer to make your bathroom more efficient on space, then this DIY shelf organizer by Living Green and Frugally is a good idea. You are able to store some of your bathroom necessities while adding some chicness to the space with flowers or whatever accessories you choose.

11. Wooden Floating Shelves

farmhouse decor ideas - floating bathroom shelves

Normally, space above our bathtubs are considered as storage for shower items, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can easily jazz up those empty walls with some floating shelves to add a rustic feel to your bathroom while simultaneously creating shelves for shower products, towels, and some decoration.

farmhouse decor ideas
farmhouse decor ideas
farmhouse decor ideas

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