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11 Mason Jar Storage Ideas That Will Fascinate You

Organizing and keeping things in order around the house can be a challenging task, but many times we overlook the simple everyday items that can easily fix our problems and save us a ton of time and trouble.

The mason jar is an airtight container that has been used to preserve fruits and vegetables for centuries, but did you know that it could be used to store regularly used items like sugar or even bathroom items like qtips?

Today we give you 11 mason jar storage ideas that will preserve space, save time and keep your home looking fashionably organized.

1. Twine Organizer & Dispenser

mason jar storage ideas - twine organizer

This is one of the most creative DIY ideas we’ve seen in a while. Twines are placed into a jar and the ends are fed through the lid.

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2. Matchbox

mason jar storage ideas - matchholder

If you’re looking for a cool way to store your matches instead of having to always go through dozens of drawers.

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3. DIY Bathroom Organizer

mason jar storage ideas - bathroom organizer

The bathroom is one of the easiest places to organize and this mason jar storage idea makes it even easier.

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4. Desk Organizer

mason jar storage ideas - desk organizer

We are always looking for cool ways to spruce up our desks and create a mood of inspiration while we work, this sums all that up in a beautiful DIY mason jar storage idea.

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5. Mason Jar Storage Ideas: Utensil Caddy

mason jar storage ideas - utensil caddy

Now, this an interesting way to create a rustic farmhouse feel.

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6. Back to School Organizing Jars

mason jar storage ideas - back to school organizer

If you are looking to redecorate the kid’s bedroom or their work area, this would be a cool idea.

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7. Spice Organizer

mason jar storage ideas - spice organizer

We know finding the right seasonings to spice up your pot can be a pain in the ass sometimes, especially when everything is stored haphazardly in your pantry. This creative idea solves that problem.

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8. Baking Supplies

mason jar storage ideas - baking supplies

Bake often? If yes, then you know the importance of having all your items in one place so everything can be found quickly and easily is a lifesaver. This mason jar storage idea solves that.

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9. Herbs

mason jar storage ideas - herbs

This is an awesome idea to not only utilize the mason jars but also spruce up your interior decor with fresh smelling herbs hanging around your kitchen.

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10. Sewing Kit

mason jar storage ideas - sewing

If sewing is your hobby or full-time job, you will love this setup. It is creative, colorful and inspiring.

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11. Vitamin Organizer

mason jar storage ideas - organize your vitamins

If you want to organize your vitamins in a fashion that is creative, stylish and highly visual, then this is an awesome idea.

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mason jar storage ideas
mason jar storage ideas
mason jar storage ideas

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