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12 Beginner Tips to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

When decorating your bedroom a lot of things come into consideration. Where should you put that patterned rug? How should you turn your bed? What type of images should you place on the walls? Should you add a TV?

It can be a full-time job especially when you have no clue where to start. However, if you are looking to bring some feng shui into your space and create a bedroom full of love, happiness, romance, charm and rest, these feng shui tips will get you started.

Keep electronics out of the bedroom

We can all relate to this, it is a late-night, you get home from work or just had dinner and the last thing you do before falling asleep is turn on the TV to catch up on the news or some late-night comedy.

However, if you want to create a space of restfulness, relaxation, and zen, the last thing you want is an electronic distraction helping you drift off to sleep. If you need help falling asleep, practice a breathing routine, read a physical book or diffuse some essential oils.

Keep under your bed clutter-free

A clutter-free bedroom creates a positive environment void of stress, confusion, and emotional pressure. Organizing your bedroom to create good vibes, proper energy flow, and quality air will promote rest, rejuvenation and prosperity.

Let in lots of light

It is a constant struggle to always get the right amount of light in your bedroom, especially if you live in a concrete jungle like NYC or London. Plus, many of us like to adorn our windows with thick drapes that show-off our luxurious taste in fabrics.

However, not allowing in quality light traps negative emotions, creates feelings of doubt, despair and harbors ill-thoughts. Find ways to bring in more natural light if possible and when apartment or house hunting, always keep this in mind.

Add plants and essential oils

Adding these two things to your bedroom will change the way you appreciate bedtime and day-offs. Plants not only purify the air but they provide emotional therapy while accentuating your bedroom decor. Plus, essential oils like Peppermint and Eucalyptus helps clear the sinuses, promote effective breathing and restfulness.

Paint with calm, relaxing colors

Nothing screams terrible bedroom feng shui like loud, aggressive colors on your walls. Your bedroom is where you take you should go to escape from the noise, emotional heaviness and other stressors. It must be welcoming, calming and peaceful.

Adding colors like red, dark greens, navy blues, purples and yellows conjure up too many feelings and emotions. Opt for soothing colors like a light blue, off-white or a very light pink. We wouldn’t suggest gray as this color normally connotes to negative emotions.

Position your bed away from the door

In Chinese culture it is considered bad luck to have the foot of your bed facing the door, as based on Chinese tradition, the dead are normally taken out of a room feet first. Positioning your bed away but also in a position where you still face the door is a good feng shui move in the bedroom. The key takeaway here, your bed must not directly align with the door but you should always be able to see your door.


Let in lots of air or use an air purifier

Air purifiers are just as effective as essential oil diffusers and plants. They take out toxins and promote deeper, healthier breathing habits. This means you sleep much better and less likely to snore or have sleep apnea issues.

Add pairs of everything

This is a common feng shui tip (also called The Tao of 2) as it is considered that good fortune comes in pairs and we are much stronger together than as individuals. So add a pair of flowers, a pair of wall paintings, a pair of lamps to enforce this basic feng shui principle.

Avoid carpets in the bedroom

Your bedroom feng shui goes beyond light, clutter and the positioning of items, it is also important to eliminate items that make you sick or cause discomfort. For many of us, having a carpet in the bedroom is common place, especially in most high rise apartments. However, carpets are a hot bed for dust, allergens, mold, dead hair, dead skin and a lot of other impurities. Removing carpets from your bedroom will not only help you breathe better but who can’t appreciate a beautiful clean floor.

No pets

Oh yes, I know what you are thinking. Where are we going with this? You love your dog, cat, and hamster, but as much as we would like to dismiss it, for a lot of people (as many as 3 in 10) pets induce sneezing, stuffiness, itchy eyes, and other allergic reactions. This creates an environment that is not ideal for resting. If you are looking for some great non-allergenic pet options, check out this post.

No snarky art

Now, the next thing you want to do to completely feng shui your bedroom is remove any distracting, emotional, dirty or impure artwork or images. Curse words, negative quotes and similar pieces of content creates an atmosphere of anger, stress, and contention. Instead, hang pictures of plants, flowing water, incorporate wood frames to bring in feng shui elements and open up your bedroom to prosperity, love, harmony and most of all, zen.

A quality mattress

This is one of the most important aspects of ensuring quality feng shui in your bedroom, yet it is overlooked by most people. After you have removed the carpet, brought in more light, and removed the electronics, getting restful sleep and relaxation will ultimately come down to your mattress. Ensuring your mattress is super-comfortable, breathable, fitted to your body, earth-friendly and does not overheat is a great place to start. Memory foam mattresses like DreamCloud and Nectar are awesome options with thousands of five-star reviews.

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