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12 Practical Ideas to Organize Your Small Kitchen
ideas to organize your small kitchen
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practical ideas to organize your small kitchen
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practical ideas to organize your small kitchen

The Kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house and keeping it clean is a daily task, especially if you have kids or pets and worse if it’s small and cluttered. One day you decide to cook up a storm to impress the family, and after all is done and stomachs are full, the kitchen is a disorganized, hoarded mess.

Where did I have the spices again? Where did I keep the sugar? Where do I normally put the sauces?

Chaos abounds, and you are left hours after dinner untangling the disarray, trying to sneak leftover seasoning bottles into tiny crevices anywhere in an already tight kitchen. If this sounds like you, then we are here to your rescue.

Today, we will give you 12 practical ideas to organize your small kitchen, and they will definitely declutter this very important space and enable you to cook without worrying about the cleanup after.

Ok, let’s start organizing:

1. Use a Spice Rack

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - spice rack
via Bro-haha

Finding a special vintage Coca-Cola crate is almost impossible, but in this tutorial, Kate of Bro-haha does a good job of transforming an old Coca-Cola crate into this piece of magic. Your spices will be happy and cleanup or organization will be a breeze.

2. Use a Pegboard Stylish Organizer

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - pegboard stylish organizer
via A Beautiful Mess

This pegboard organizer is one of the most genius ideas you will come across when it comes to organizing your small kitchen. Not only does it neatly stack away your utensils, but it is a very creative way to add life to your small kitchen. Find out how to put it all together here.

3. Use a Stainless Kitchen Cart

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - stainless steel cart
via Amazon

A well-built, sturdy stainless steel cart can work wonders in a small kitchen. It is portable and can be moved about when space is needed in certain areas, plus you can store items you use often and pull the cart near the stove when cooking.

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4. Use Adhesive Hooks to Hang Items 

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - adhesive hooks
via Kitchn

Adhesive hooks can be used almost anywhere in your kitchen, on walls, and inside cupboards to hang sifters, graters, spoons, mittens, etc. They save a ton of space and keep things neatly organized.

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5. Use Like Bins To Store Similar Items with Labels

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - like items

Using similar bins with labeling to store items is a genius idea. This will keep your kitchen looking organized, clean and structured. Also, this makes it easy for anyone to navigate around your tiny kitchen, so even if the kids or a family friend is helping you cook, everyone knows where to find what they are looking for without much questions being asked.

6. Keep Measuring Equivalents Handy with Some Hooks Inside a Cupboard Door

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - measuring cups
via Manditremayne

Have you ever been in this dilemma? You are ready to bake a cake that requires special measurements and go in search of your 2/3 cup, you search the kitchen, wrecking it from top to bottom, just to come up empty-handed, then 3 weeks later while cleaning, what do you find? If this sounds like you, then this measurement board is an awesome tool.

7. Stack Shelves on Shelves on Counter

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - stackable shelves
via Amazon

Having a stack of shelves on your kitchen counter to store items such as recipe books, soup bowls or even indoor plants is a great way to save space without depriving your kitchen of the elements that make it work.

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         8. Re-purpose Old Magazine Holders as Ziploc Holders

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - ziploc holder
via Inspire to Create

Using the inside of your cabinets to store items is a very practical way to decrease clutter and increase space in your tiny kitchen. This idea is an ingenious one as it takes items that are not used that often and tucks them away in a hidden place by using an item you can buy for super cheap or even get free.

9. Store Items by Like Size & Style in Dishwasher

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - dishwasher
via Kitchn

Similar to number 5 above, pack items that are similar in style, design, and shape together, whether in the dishwasher, on racks or in cupboards. This makes it easy to store and find items.

             10. Install Shelves on Side of Cabinets to Store Cups & Glasses

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - shelves
via Houzz

Utilizing every usable area in your kitchen when it is tiny is very important. A space that is often ignored is the sides of your cupboards. Not only are they practical places to put glasses or cups, but it also adds a cool 20th-century look to your design.

11. Store Trash Can Under Cabinet

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - trash can
via Polished Habitat

The trash can is one of the most used items in your kitchen, but it is also one that occupies a lot of space. Placing your trash can/s under the counter will save provide a ton of usable space.

12. Store Most Used Spoons, Forks & Measuring Utensils by Stove

practical ideas to organize your small kitchen - utensils

Items such as spoons, forks, whisks, and other utensils that are used the most should be kept in a small container by the stove. This will keep you from moving around too much when cooking and provide an easily recognizable place to replace items when cleaning up.

Small kitchens, unless you’re a minimalist, is never ideal, but if you live in cities like New York or Singapore where apartments are mostly shoeboxes, you have to find ways to make your small kitchen work for you.

With these practical ideas, you can organize your small kitchen and make it a fun place to be. You won’t be afraid to make messes, experiment and cook your heart out because cleaning up will be a breeze.

ideas to organize your small kitchen

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