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17 Bullet Journal Ideas to Help You Have Fun Staying Organized

Organization is a key part of our every day lives. Whether it is putting together a lunch schedule for those greedy kids or brainstorming ideas for your next chill weekend with the friends, having your thoughts all in one place can make life a million times easier.

Today, we share some super cool bullet journal ideas to help you have fun staying organized every day of the week, every week of the month and every month of the year.

So, let’s start jotting down those rambled thoughts.

bullet journal ideas

1. Go the green and earthy way



If you are into earth tones then you will love this design. It is structured, clean and uses a single color to bring everything together.

2. If you are into flowers, this idea is perfect



Flowers always add a cheerful touch and these ones are in close competition with your indoor houseplants.

3. The kids will LOVE this one!



This one will make an awesome DIY gift idea for kids or even teens.

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4. A cool way to journal

When you have a lot on your mind, this layout works perfectly while still keeping things creative.

5. If you are into planets and space



You are lost in another world with this design. Great design idea if you are into the extra-terrestrial.

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6. A colorful way to keep track of your finances



Budgets are important for your household but come on, we hate them too. Here is a cool way to make budget time a little more interesting.

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7. Yellow on deck


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This one keeps things in order with a splash of sunshine.

8. What about a mood tracker?



Track your mood and give yourself something to smile about when you are in the dumps.

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9. A splash of color for those dull or even awesome days



The beautiful color display makes this the first thing you want to see when you wake in the mornings.

10. This one is just as magical



This one is just as addictive and inspiring.

11. For a structured but beautiful minimalist touch



This layout is perfect if you are a minimalist looking for ways to organize your jumbled thoughts.

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12. Cutouts add life and context


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This is reminiscent of 60’s vintage. Old school vibes.

13. If crowded is your type of organized



When you have a lot to write but want everything to fit on one page, this cleanly cluttered chaos somehow works fine.

14. Big, bold and artsy


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A scrapbook doesn’t have to be huge, this bullet journal idea effectively expresses any idea.

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15. You can’t deny how awesome this looks

Organized and beautifully laid out, this design is for the creative that has an idea plotted out from start to finish.

16. Step by step


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If you are looking to improve your art skills, step by step doodles are a great way to get some practice.

bullet journal ideas

17. This Minimalism Art | Classic Notebook is the most popular on Amazon with over 700 mostly five-star reviews.

bullet journal ideas
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18. BONUS: These cute Washi Tapes will help you add some creative flair to your bullet journal layouts.

bullet journal ideas - washing tape
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bullet journal ideas
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