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3 Smart Products to Create Your Home Garden
start your home garden
create your own home garden
create your own home garden

If you grew up in a big city or any modern metropolis, your answer will 9/10 times be a NO!

According to National Gardening Survey results, in 2015 more than 25% (44 million) of Americans grew their own food. Now, this is a major increase over a similar study conducted in 2008, where 36 million Americans had home gardens.

As we move into the future with rising populations and ever-present food supply issues, starting a home garden has become a more attractive option for many people.

Whether it is an outdoor nature filled setup or a small pot in your city apartment, growing your own food organically has numerous benefits:

  • Better Flavor

  • No Chemicals

  • Healthier Eating

  • Food Waste Reduction

  • Grocery Store Savings

  • Greener Environment

So today, we give you 3 awesome technology products to not only help you create your home garden but more so start the journey towards better health.


Create Your Home Garden: Click & Grow Smart Garden

The Click & Grow Smart Garden is a revolutionary tool if you are just looking to experiment with a home garden without much effort.

Initially funded on Kickstarter, this awesome home garden is very effective and fits perfectly in any nook or cranny of your Kitchen.

Once plugged in you simply add water about once per month and the technology does the rest, and surprisingly, the Click & Grown Smart Garden only consumes around $3 worth of electricity per year. That is bonkers!

Each plant comes in a plant capsule filled with “smart soil” made using special NASA inspired technology that releases nutrients when the plant needs it depending on the stage it is at in its lifecycle.

It maintains a proper level of ph throughout the soil and uses pockets of oxygen to help the plants breathe efficiently, and its GMO-free.

Plus Click & Grow offers a wide range of plants to start with from Oregano to mini Tomatoes, Thyme, and Petunias.

Customers complain that the replacement pods can be a little pricey, so assess all these factors before purchasing.

Learn more here: Click & Grow

Purchase here:

Create Your Home Garden: EDYN Smart Sensor

If you are looking to start your home garden or already have one in progress it is always good to be mindful of the interactions between nature and your plants.

Technology such as EDYN helps you do just that, by assessing soil nutrition in your garden by tracking how dry or humid it may be, the temperature, how much sunlight it is receiving, and then it takes the information and cross-reference with meteorological data from your area.

EDYN can tell you what fertilizers are good for your soil, when to plant them and how much water to supply based on the area you reside. Now, this is cool.

EDYN comes with a water valve that does not have a preset schedule to overdose or underdose your plants, but just to offer the right amount the plant needs.

Did I mention that all of this data is communicated through an app? Well, yes it is!

create your home garden

EDYN is just the smart garden tool you are looking for to compliment nature and your busy life.

EDYN starts around $75.

Learn more here: EDYN

Create Your Home Garden: BioPod

Have you ever watched a futuristic movie in which living is confined to pod-like habitats in which conditions are tailored for specific conditions?

Even without the movies, we see this idea replicated in science labs every day for testing and research.

Now, if you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own “lab” of sorts to test and grow your own food, your wish has been answered – Biopod.

Biopod is a smart micro-habitat that uses many different components in unison to create the perfect living environment for your plants or pets.

Water is added through a pump at the back of the unit and is dispersed occasionally into the pod through misting nozzles.

The top glass of the is used to transfer light and air into the pod.

The Biopod is an awesome product that can be placed in your living room, kitchen or anywhere you see fit and is controlled via an app.

Prices range from around $500 to over $1000 depending on the vendor.

Learn more here: Biopod

Smart Products for Your Home Garden Summary

If a home garden is what you dream of, then starting one has never been easier, plus today you have the technology to support your efforts.

You almost have no excuse to grow at least your most used herbs right on your kitchen counter.

Create your home garden today by copping one of the tools mentioned above or by just getting a pot or going outside and get down and dirty.

You will thank yourself later for making the first move.

Happy gardening!


smart tools for your home garden


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