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3 Ways To Start Preparing Your Home for an Electric Vehicle

In case you have been living under a rock and have not heard, the future of transportation is electric. Estimates vary widely but it is predicted that by 2030 electric car sales will reach at least 100 million units.

Now that may sound like eons away, but it is right around the corner. To date, Tesla, the leading manufacturer of EVs, has sold over 100,000 units.

EVs are the future, as they will reduce our reliance on oil and gas while moving us towards more sustainable and renewable alternatives.

Plus, according to ChargePoint, over 540,000 EVs are in operation across the US and other data states more than 2 million worldwide.

preparing your home for an electric vehicle
Courtesy of ChargePoint

Depending on where you are financially, owning an EV might seem like a daunting feat, but that is less likely as we go into the future.

Currently, Tesla is producing the Model 3 which will be almost $60,000 cheaper than its Model S version. Not to mention, they have received over 180,000 pre-orders within the first 24 hours of it being announced, that should say something. With a $35000 price point, in 5-10 years an EV will be as affordable as a Toyota Corolla or Hyundai Elantra.

So now, to get down to the nitty-gritty, how do you prepare your home for the future of driving?

Making sure your home is ready for the electric vehicle revolution is dependent on three things:

    1. Space
    2. Voltage
    3. Location & Usage

Preparing Your Home for an Electric Vehicle: Space is Important

preparing your home for an electric vehicle

It might be considered trivial, but look at it, the more space you have available in your yard or garage, the easier it will be for you to accommodate an EV and the accessories that come with it.

EVs don’t require much more space than your average car, but you have to take into consideration the battery charging unit when making calculations.

Also, if you live in a city or in a multi-story building, you most likely won’t have the ability to own an electric vehicle.

Sad to say, but at the moment owning an EV is much more convenient if you live in the suburbs, as it requires a unique setup which is not readily available or accessible in most big cities right now.

Preparing Your Home for an Electric Vehicle: Voltage Will Determine How Fast You Go

Purchasing an EV can be on the affordable side over time, but initially, you will have to fork up that dough yo.

You not only have to think of the cost to purchase the vehicle, but also, how much it will take to get your home fitted and ready to efficiently accommodate your new baby.

Electric vehicle charging batteries can be easily sourced nowadays, but be aware that most prices you see listed online or elsewhere does not factor in installation.

That will be a whole different cost. See below.

preparing your home for an electric vehicle

The main consideration when it comes to purchasing an electric vehicle is voltage. Westar Energy states the following in regards to setting up your home with the required voltage:

    • Level 1 (120v) utilizes the common outlet found in your home. Level 1 is a slow, steady charge. In general, 40 miles of range per day is the threshold for practical overnight charging. Every EV comes equipped with a manufacturer provided 120v charging cord. Simply drive your car home and plug into your garage.
    • Level 2 (240v) utilizes another commonly found outlet in your home, the same used for an electric dryer, and allows you to charge your vehicle in a shorter amount of time. While level 2 requires additional investment, some manufacturers will allow you to finance level 2 charging equipment with your vehicle purchase.
    • In addition to home charging, DC fast charge is available on a limited basis in public areas only. Not all vehicles are designed to handle DC fast charge.

Preparing Your Home for an Electric Vehicle: Location & Usage Matter

preparing your home for an electric vehicle

At the writing of this article, there are 16,533 charging stations in the US with 45,242 charging outlets according to the Alternative Fuel Data Center.

In the UK, it is around 4,919 locations with 14,038 charging outlets.

These are amazing numbers for EV enthusiasts who are scared of how accessible charging amenities will be if they ever chose to go on a trip far away from home.

With Tesla cars, you can even map out supercharger locations on your route using the Destination Charging feature.

When making the move to an EV it is important to take a look at your community and the areas you frequent to make sure you have access to charging ports if the need ever arises.

Plus, depending on usage, over time you will know how much charge can take you from point A to Point B, limiting the need to charge while on the road. Or better yet, your Tesla (as shown in the image above) will let you know how far a certain amount of charge will take you.

EV companies like Tesla are extending the range of their vehicles with each release, and this means they have to make charging readily available for drivers.

Hence, charging station numbers will only increase across the US and the world, as EVs become more ubiquitous by the day.

Preparing Your Home for an Electric Vehicle Summary

Owning an EV nowadays is not only affordable but super convenient. The only requirement for you is ensuring your home and its environs are fitted to accommodate your new ride.

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