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4 Bedroom Color Schemes To Create a Mood of Restfulness

The bedroom is like sacred ground. It is the place where we lay our heads at night, but it also serves as a private domain where we hide our innermost thoughts and do the naughtiest deeds.

For the most part, our bedrooms can impact how we rest, play and work. It is one of the most defining and important rooms in your house.

This means, that your bedroom color scheme has a lot to do with how we perceive rest and downtime.

Some of us view brighter colors in the bedroom as perfect for inciting happiness, joy, excitement, and positivity. While others view dull or minimalist color schemes as introverted, solemn, peaceful and meditative.

No matter which side of the spectrum you fit on, today we give you four bedroom color schemes that will appease your innermost emotions of happiness and calm while invoking a mood of restfulness.

Choosing Colors You Like to Paint Your Bedroom

When painting your bedroom, one of the most obvious choices is choosing your favorite color or color combinations. Selecting the perfect hues and tints for whatever color palette you choose will determine how heavy or light your room will be.

You can also incorporate these feng shui tips into your overall decor to help you decide on the best colors to promote rest, happiness and positivity.

So, let’s start painting.

1. The Pink Palette

bedroom color schemes - pink palette

This color palette is perfect for restfulness as it reflects night time with the darker color on the wall and a breath of fresh air with the pastel pink bedding and rug.

Also, the beautiful wall art, chair, and flowers add another element to the bedroom decor and help to bring everything together.

When using this color palette, it is important to make sure that you use lighter shade curtains to bring in more light, however, if your room does not have any windows, this color scheme might not be a wise idea.

2. Orange & Blue Palette

bedroom color schemes - orange and blue palette

Similar to the color palette above, this design incorporates a darker color (navy blue) to contrast the brighter ones in this image. To bring everything together, the darker shade of orange is used to complement the other hues and evokes happiness and positive energy.

3. Pastel Makeover

bedroom color schemes - pastel makeover

This is the perfect color palette when you are looking to create an airy, light and joyful atmosphere. You might be thinking, how do such bright colors promote restfulness?

Well, bright colors are advised against in your bedroom as it increases the energy in the room, but in our opinion, if a color makes you happy, then it is also natural for that color to make you feel calm and at rest.

These colors are also great for kids’ bedroom as they are playful and chirpy

4. Teal Showdown

bedroom color schemes - teal palette

Turquoise or teal represents refreshment, feminism, calm, sophistication, wisdom, wholeness, good luck, balance and the list could go on forever.

Using this color palette in your bedroom can elevate your mood and send you off to bed feeling light and stress-free.

Bedroom Color Schemes Summary

Deciding on a color scheme for your bedroom can be a very difficult decision. You want colors that evoke happiness, prosperity, joy, calm and most of all induces restfulness, rejuvenation, and peace.

These bedroom color schemes are perfect for creating an atmosphere that will not only help you rest better but also build a home that is full of positive energy and serenity.

bedroom color schemes
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bedroom color schemes
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bedroom color schemes
bedroom color schemes

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