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Know Your 5 Feng Shui Money Areas to Create Wealth
feng shui money areas

As you dig deeper into your exploration of feng shui, you will realize that there are many levels and layers to this practice. In doing so, you will discover that there is more than one money area, in fact, there are five.

Just when you thought you mastered it all, you find out there is so much more to learn.

However, the best feng shui work is done in stages, so there is no rush to apply all these principles at once. Less is more when it comes to feng shui.

Do not expect a million dollars on your doorstep tomorrow after you place a money frog in your feng shui money area or win the jackpot after positioning your African Violet.

So, let’s start finding the money area in your home:

1. Bagua Southeast or Upper Left Area

This is the most prominent feng shui area. It is situated in the Southeast bagua area of your home or office (this is if you are using the Classical feng shui bagua) or in the upper left area (if you are using the Western/BTB bagua). You can apply both concepts of “Big Tai Chi” and “Small Tai Chi, which means you can feng shui the wealth bagua area of your house and every room in it.

2. Your Personal Direction for Money & Success

Your best or lucky feng shui money area comes down to your Kua number, and this is based on your gender and age. Once you are aware of your personal wealth direction, you can do your best to face it.

feng shui money areas

3. The Location of Annual Wealth Star 8

You are probably familiar with the movement of the feng shui energies (otherwise known as stars) if you are working with the Classical feng shui school. Two of these stars are connected to the wealth energy – the annual Wealth Star 8 and the Future Wealth Star 9. They are both important to pay attention to and the proper feng shui elements balance highlighted in various feng shui cures should be practiced.

4. The Wealth Star Based on Your House Period and Direction

This element is a bit more difficult to apply, but if you know your house number, you can then find out where your wealth star is located. Simply put, every house has a wealth star area that is built in, which is based on when the house was either built, remodeled or when you took ownership of the house.

5. The Most Active Corner Close to Your Main Entry

Corners are famous for holding energy when it comes to feng shui, and these energies can be either stagnant or vibrant, depending on how much effort you put into maintaining an energy balance in your home. It is always good to have vibrant energy, as this will actively pull in more incoming Chi (this contains all the various qualities of energy, which includes wealth).

Feng Shui Money Areas Summary

Adopting feng shui principles in and around your home or office takes acquiring the necessary knowledge to achieve the best results.

With the 5 feng shui money areas, you will be able to manipulate your interior design to tap into these wealth areas and build a happier, healthier and more prosperous life.

Happy feng shui!

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feng shui money areas
feng shui money areas

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