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5 Beautiful Library-Style Bookshelf Ideas For Your Apartment

Nowadays, you can find almost everything on the internet. This means that you can have a library of books just in an application in your phone. However, actual book copies will be available in our homes in the form of recipe books, academic books or even that novel that you can’t stop reading.

Now, no one wants their home to have books lying around haphazardly. Yet when it comes to organization of books, we cannot all achieve that grand, vast and neat arrangement of books found in public and school libraries.

So, most people will settle for stacking piles and piles of books under the table or on the counter. However, here are some library-style bookshelf ideas that will not only provide an orderly arrangement for your books but also give your home a classy and well-designed appearance.

Organize with these Beautiful Library Style Bookshelf Ideas

1. In-built Home Bookshelf

This is a suitable bookshelf for those who have a permanent place of residence since this type of shelving is built on the side of the wall, and in most cases, from the ceiling to the floor. This, therefore, gives ample space for book arrangement. The only shortcoming to this is that you may end up hitting your smallest toe against the floor shelves… ouch!


2. Ready-to-ship Home Bookshelf

library style bookshelf

For the book lovers that are almost always changing places of residence, this type of bookshelf will be suitable. Due to its portability, it is easy to transport thus ensuring that you bring your library with you.

3. Fixed Bracket Home Bookshelf

library style bookshelf

These are small random shelves that are fixed on the wall to support a small number of books arranged vertically together. It is most suitable for bedroom areas where you can arrange the books you read just before going to sleep.

4. Ladder & Learning Home Bookshelf

library style bookshelf
via West Elm

Who said that all shelves have to either be attached to the wall or vertically upright? Here comes this new design that will add class to your home’s interior design. The ladder and leaning bookshelf is one library-style design that maximizes on book space while taking up less floor space. You only need to watch out not to knock down the ladder.

5. Folding Home Bookshelf

library style bookshelf

Now, this type of bookshelf is very economical on space and transport. You do not have to worry about disassembling your bookshelf from the wall or transporting a bulky bookshelf while migrating. All you have to do is fold and pack it.

For book lovers out there, even though you might not have a hall full of books, creating your own home library-style bookshelf will provide that intimate and cozy sense of being around what you love. Take the time to consider the type of library-style bookshelf that is most suitable for you, and then you will not have a hard time retrieving your books. Not to mention, how this can change the look of your home’s interior design.

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