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5 Living Spaces That Will Never Grow Old
5 living spaces that will never grow old
living spaces
living spaces
living spaces
5 living spaces that will never grow old

As with every new design or invention that comes around, there are those that stick and others that fade as fast as they come. But, we believe these five living spaces will stand the test of economic and social changes to be around for generations to come.

These living spaces are:

  • The Studio Apartment
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette Pad
  • The Skyscraper Apartment
  • The Duplex
  • The Beach House

Living Spaces: The Studio Apartment

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The studio apartment (U.S.), studio flat (U.K.) or self-contained apartment (Nigeria) is the perfect space if you live in an overcrowded city or on a budget.

In a recent study, it was discovered that average studio (or one bedroom) rent price across the U.S. is around $1234.43, however, our average pricing for some of the major cities around the world will show prices much higher.

Finding a studio at a reasonable price will come down to location, amenities offered, furnished or unfurnished and whether its old or newly built/renovated.

Despite the very high cost for something close to a shoe box, the studio will be around for years to come as they provide an easy means for someone who is single and fresh out of college looking to get their life started and even families with kids.

Living Spaces: The Bachelor/Bachelorette Pad

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The bachelor/bachelorette pad is not a formal term for any living space but we decided to throw it in here as more and more single young people enter the rent market every day looking for the perfect abode to live their uncommitted lives.

The bachelor pad is considered to be a place of beer drinking, frolicking, video game playing, movie watching and sexual escapades.

While the bachelorette pad is considered a place to have girl talk, slumber parties, do makeup, hair and watch sitcoms. Pardon the stereotypes :).

All of this might be true in most cases, but the bachelor/bachelorette pad has become more nowadays.

They are living spaces that are most times affordable, convenient in location and just the perfect size to host friends and sometimes family. Plus these spaces are normally shared with roommates to lower rent costs and overall expenses.

The bachelor/bachelorette pad will be around for generations to come as they provide the best option for single people looking to enjoy life while responsibly monitoring how much they spend on living expenses.

Living Spaces: The Skyscraper Apartment (Penthouse)

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High rise apartments are normally associated with the wealthy. Most of these abodes are referred to as penthouses, simply for their sheer size and price points.

However, as more and more people move to developed or up and coming metropolises for work and play, architects and social planners will have to start going higher due to limited land to build in cities like New York for example.

In recent times developers have begun erecting super tall and skinny structures all over the city to ensure there is an endless supply of high ups for people who can afford them, but also as an answer to the city’s land shortage.

The skyscraper apartment is the future, even more so than any of the other living spaces mentioned here. As cities continue to build and grow at staggering rates, housing for the millions of people flocking to them will be their biggest challenge; and other than expanding the size of the city, many developers will opt for more convenient and less expensive options.

Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Dubai, and Singapore are just a few of the cities around the world looking up, and you can look for more to adopt this skyscraper trend as we move forward.

As mentioned above, in the future prices for skyscraper apartments will likely lower to accommodate more income levels, as cities seek to pull in talent and human resources within the confines of their already congested urban areas.

But, for now, unless you have some hundreds of thousands or millions to invest, looking up might be a little far off based on the current average penthouse prices around the world.

Living Spaces: The Duplex

If the suburbs are your type of living, then the duplex is and will always be one of the most suitable options. It is not too small, not too big, and provides the right amount of space for a small family or a single person.

The duplex has transformed over the years from drab to fab with a more minimalist theme in recent times, opting for functionality over embellishments and non-necessities.

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A nice-sized duplex can range in price from around $1,800 to $5,000 or more depending on location, age, amenities, etc.

If you are considering purchasing or renting a duplex anytime soon, check out this guide by The Penny Hoarder.

Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity, a place for your new family or wanting to splurge on something nice due to your recent raise, a duplex is a living space that will be around for a very long time.

Living Spaces: The Beach House

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The good old beach house, a living space we wish we could all have to get away from the stresses of life in our congested cities. However, for most of us, this fantasy can only be lived through an Airbnb reservation.

Considered something for the rich and famous, similar to skyscraper apartments, beach houses aren’t going anywhere.

Everyone can reminisce about the thought of sunset walks on a crystal blue beach while the waves crash, or waking up to the smell of sea salt in the morning.

The emotions that the ocean triggers is a pull for any and everyone to partake, whether its to live 365 days per year or visit for a few holiday weekends every now and then. A beach house is a getaway that will always be around.

With the average beach house price in Florida for example hovering around $254,000 to $400,000, it is definitely an investment to consider, especially if you are looking to improve your health and quality of life.

Living Spaces That Will Never Grow Old Summary

As we move into the future, living situations will always be changing. Wages raise, wages fall, house prices go up and down, cities get overwhelming and for some the city is inviting.

Whatever the situation, our living spaces will define how we live, work and play, hence, it is an investment that will affect all facets of your life and should be seriously thought about before making a final decision.

We believe these living spaces will be around for a very long time as they provide some or all of the necessities needed to ensure a satisfying quality of life for single people or families.

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