easy feng shui tips
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Based on Chinese tradition, feng shui is regarded as a system of laws which governs spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy.

Our homes are sanctuaries and should be treated as such. Making changes to influence and create more positive energy will result in a happier family, happy pets and happy visitors.

So, let’s start making some changes to your current interior setup so you can start reaping the awesome benefits or feng shui today.

1. Let in Good Quality Air & Light

easy feng shui tips

Light and air are two of the most important elements of feng shui. They are essential for good energy (otherwise known as “chi”). Open windows and doors often, get feng shui air-purifying plants or use an air purifier. Use thin curtains or pull them back to introduce as much light as possible, you can also consider using full spectrum lights >>> (Buy on Amazon).

2. Declutter for Good Energy Flow

easy feng shui tips

Clutter is very counterproductive to feng shui. You need a beautiful spatial arrangement to allow good air and light flow. If you do not love it and it is not functional it should go. Decluttering is a time-consuming process that seems like a lot of work but it can feel like therapy once completed. This step cannot be skipped, as it is important to achieving harmonious energy.

3. Bring the Outdoors Inside

easy feng shui tips

Nature automatically brings fresh air, positivity, peace, and serenity into your home. Research has shown that viewing nature reduces anxiety and stress. Hence, complementing light and air from step one with plants and other forms of nature is one of the easiest steps you can take to feng shui your home overnight.

4. Define Your Energy Map

easy feng shui tips

The Bagua, otherwise known as the feng shui energy map of your house is used to identify which directions are best for a specific purpose. This is done using two main feng shui methods: the classical school bagua or the BTB grid. Once you have completed the bagua, you will know which corners of your home are associated with all the elements necessary for health, wellness, happiness, and prosperity. For eg., as the chart above displays, if the focus is your health, then the area of your home to focus on is the East.

5. Incorporate the 5 Elements of Feng Shui

easy feng shui tips

Knowing your birth element can be beneficial to creating a home that nourishes and supports your personal energy. For eg., if your feng shui birth element is water, you need to incorporate water feng shui elements and colors which represent this element (blue and black). Shapes that are wavy, flowing or sinuous will bring the water element into your space. Learn more here.

6. Know Your Kua Number and Lucky Directions

easy feng shui tips

Knowing your Kua number and those of others in your household is important when it comes to how you coordinate everything for good feng shui. This will help you to pull energy from your lucky feng shui directions.

This is how you calculate your Kua number:

Kua number calculations for a female born in 1985: Add the last two digits of the year of birth: 8 + 5 = 13. Bring it to a single digit number: 1 + 3 = 4. Deduct your single digit number from number 10 => 10 – 4 = 6.

This will determine your lucky direction to reap the rewarding benefits of feng shui. For eg., if your Kua number is 6, turn your home office desk to the West for money and success and furniture like your bed to the Northeast for better health. Learn more here.

7. Monitor the Quality of Energy in Your Home

easy feng shui tips

Always pay attention to the level of energy in your home and how it is impacting your mood, productivity, family life and overall happiness. Make it a habit to pay close attention to the feng shui “trinity,” the parts of your home that are deeply connected to your health, the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Energy is always moving so this will be a continuous job.

Easy Feng Shui Tips Summary

After mastering these feng shui steps, you can then move on to more complex techniques, such as the annual movement of feng shui stars.

The steps above are easy to incorporate into your everyday life and take little effort (the decluttering might take a while), but overall these easy feng shui tips can be installed overnight.

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easy feng shui tips

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