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9 Easy Breezy Natural Car Cleaning Hacks

From plastic to car exhaustion to, you guessed it, washing your car, everything we do directly impact the environment. That’s why we have prepared a list of 9 easy hacks on cleaning cars the natural way. Want to live more eco-friendly? Stay tuned and keep scrolling!

1. Use a bucket and sponge

Wash on, wash off. Don’t leave the hose running while washing your car. Instead, grab a large bucket and a sponge. This will not only save water but it will help save your water bill too.

2. Natural toothpaste

Did you know you can toothpaste to clean the interior of your car? Leather and vinyl seats, for example, are good candidates for this hack. Just be sure to rub the excess off with water and a dry towel.

A pro tip: Test a small area first before branching out to the entire car.

3. Alcohol

If toothpaste doesn’t work you can also use a light amount of rubbing alcohol to clean that stubborn stain. But remember: be very mindful of how much you use, as too much alcohol can result in damaging the surface of the leather or vinyl.

car cleaning hacks

4. Vinegar

This hack can also be added to the alcohol for stronger results. This concoction, in particular, is also great for your cleaning windows too!

5. Baking soda

Also known as the Holy Grail for cleaning, baking soda can also be used around the house for removing dirt and grime. Another thing? It’s especially good at getting rid of those funky smells.

Got coffee on your seats? Baking soda is here to save the day! For best results, you should sprinkle a handful of baking soda around the affected area and allow it to sit overnight. Then, in the morning, simply vacuum it away.

A Pro Tip: Add incense or herbs along with baking soda for a fresh scent that will last for days. Lemon, lavender, and orange oil are good candidates.

6. Lambswool

Instead of investing in sponges (which are typically not the best biodegradable subjects) try lambswool. Just be sure to look for authentic lambswool and not synthetic.

7. Cup holders

Tired of seeing dust and crumbs collect down in the corners of your cup holders? Place muffin cups at the bottom of each one. This way you can simply pull the cup up, empty it, and possibly use it again if it’s not too dirty.

8. Use a cardboard box

Instead of cramming everything into the back of your trunk try utilizing a large cardboard box to organize your items in. This way your things won’t be rolling around when the car is moving.

A pro tip: Invest in these easily foldable boxes from Amazon for practical usage.

9. Place organic fresheners around your car

This would include a small felt bag full of natural lavender or other spices you may like. For best results locate these items near your air vents, underneath the car seats (for larger spice bags), or even hanging below your rearview mirror.

car cleaning hacks

So there you have it. These natural alternative to cleaning your car are as simple as 1-2-3. And not only are they easy, but eco-friendly as well!

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