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12 Amazing & Practical Ideas to Organize Your Garage

I bet if we should come by and take a look in your garage right now, this is what we would see:

  • Books from high school stacked ceiling high in one corner
  • Old sweaters and coats in boxes to one corner
  • Your kids’ childhood toys in random boxes everywhere
  • Bicycles squeezed in between cars
  • Old suitcases with home decor items or holiday decorations
  • and we could go on forever…

Point is, our garages are normally seen as a storage unit. It is for the most part out of sight and requires too much effort to organize after years of being ignored.

Today, we are here to the rescue with these 12 amazing and practical ideas to organize your garage. Now, we didn’t say it would be easy or passive work, but when you are done, you will reap the benefits for a long time.

So, let’s pull up those jeans and get to work:

1. Go High, Add Some Storage Above

ideas to organize your garage - above storage
via Jay Custom Creations

If space is limited in your garage, then the best option is to go high. Creating a storage unit over the door is a very practical idea as displayed in this tutorial at Jay Custom Creations.

This requires some handiwork, but when completed, this area can be used to store things like holiday decorations that are rarely used.

2. Utilize Your Walls

ideas to organize your garage - wall storage

Your garage shouldn’t be thought of as a hidden space that is only a home for unwanted junk and somewhere to park your vehicle, it is also a place that can have its own decor.

Using a wall organizer to store items will immediately create a structured and detailed look to your garage.

3. DIY PVC Pipe Storage

ideas to organize your small garage - diy pvc

Over at Ashbee Design, she came up with an ingenious way to organize often used yard items such as shovels, rakes, and brooms. PVC pipes are very easy to work with, making this DIY idea a very practical one for you to take on.

4. Use a Pegboard Organizer

ideas to organize your garage - pegboard
via Good Housekeeping

The pegboard organizer is nothing new, but it is one of the most efficient ways to organize any space. Learn how to create your own here.

5. Use Storage Bins

ideas to organize your garage - bins

Bins are always a great way to organize any and everything. They can be labeled and coordinated alphabetically or chronologically, making it easy to store and find items.

6. Install Cabinets

ideas to organize your garage - cupboards

If you are looking for the one and done answer to most of your organization problems, then cabinets are the no-nonsense answer. They are good at hiding unsightly junk and can be labeled and organized to create a detailed catalog of all your garage worthy items.

7. Use Racks in Small Spaces

ideas to organize your garage - storage racks
via BHG

Using racks in your garage provides a flexible storage system for items such as lawn growers and household chemicals. The good thing is that these racks can be placed in small corners of your garage, taking up little space.

8. Hang Bikes

ideas to organize your garage - bike racks

Bike racks have been around forever, but they are still one of the best go-to when looking for a cool and practical way to store your bike. It is cheap to set up and can be multi-functional as shown above.

9. Use Colors to Coordinate

ideas to organize your garage - color coordinate

Colors are useful in organizing any room in your house and the garage is no different. Colors can be used in your garage for flow, to coordinate specific items or just to add some flair to a rather drab space.

10. Use the Roof

ideas to organize your garage - ceiling storage

If you are a surfer or into paddle boarding, you might have a hard time finding a place to store your gear. This is when you should go up. You might think of the roof as a precarious place to hang such heavy items, but if done right these items can find a new home in your garage’s roof, leaving much-needed space for your more regularly used items.

11. Create Parking Spaces for Kids’ Toys

ideas to organize your small garage - toys
via Useful Beautiful Home

Kids are precious, but their toys can create a mess, especially in the garage. Using construction tape to create makeshift parking spaces for your kids’ vehicles will make it fun for them and also create order and discipline among themselves and even you.

12. Folding Table Garden Station

ideas to organize your garage - garden station
via Maillardvillemanor

Bringing plants indoors can do a lot to remove toxins from your home. Your garage is one of the places where toxins and harmful fumes build up the most from vehicles, old carpets, plastics, and other items. Installing a folding garden table station will enable you to add plants to spruce up your garage decor and create better airflow.

Ideas to Organize Your Garage Summary

It’s time for a garage upgrade. It should no longer be viewed as a place to toss your “I’ll do it later,” but somewhere that can actually be accommodating, relaxing and organized.

With these awesome ideas to organize your garage, you will be going from drab to fab in no time.

ideas to organize your garage
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ways to organize your garage
ideas to organize your garage
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