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The First 5 Things Anyone Will Notice About Your Apartment

The smell of a crisp questionable. The clothing version of Mount Olympus in the corner of the room. The minuscule crumbs scattered about the kitchen table and—what was that? A plastic spoon tucked deep between two cushions of the couch?

Here is where we ask for you to cue the imaginative sound of a record scratch. Maybe you had once assumed that your guests wouldn’t notice these glorious spectacles in your living space, but on the other hand, the depth of this scenario actually concerns your own awareness of these things.

Your home is a reflection of you, and more importantly, your values. Hygiene, cleanliness, and organization all have a tendency to express their lacking or prominence almost naturally. But if you’re still feeling apprehensive, don’t worry. Here we give you an insight into the first 5 things anyone will notice about your apartment.

1. The Smell

Whether we’re talking about pets, coffee grounds, or gym clothes, you can count on your visitors to be the ones to notice the smell of your apartment. Think about it. When we become nose blind it is not necessarily the fact that we can’t smell the source, but rather the source has become too familiar. This is why the act of ”smelling” our own living space is generally hard.

Our remedy: Burn one or two candles, and, if possible, open a few windows about twenty minutes before the doorbell rings to let some fresh air in.

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2. The Interior

You don’t necessarily have to be the wiz at interior design, but it is important to take note if your apartment is cluttered. Keep things short and simple and build from there. If you’re expecting more than one visitor ask yourself Is there enough sitting room? Forget about what snazzy decorations you have out on display. If your guests are having to weave between chairs and side tables—and if there does happen to be a stumble—then it’s probably time to reevaluate the layout of your living space. The general hangout around should have easy access.

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3. The presence of plants

These little guys will never fail to brighten up a room. For example, take a look at these pictures (above and below). Notice how empty the space would seem if all organic elements were taken away.

A pro tip: Even if you don’t have a green thumb you always find good deals at Amazon like this one on plastic greenery.

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4. The Amount of Light Coming Into Rooms

Have you ever walked into a living space and realize how dark it is inside? Especially if your guests are visiting during the summertime, do everyone a favor and open up the blinds. Not only will this make everything much more visible, but this also helps lift the mood of your apartment.

5. Your Groceries

Here’s a scenario that’s more common than you may think. ”Hey, do you have any snacks?” asks a friend. Well, do you? Even if you don’t have a full refrigerator it’s always good to have a few nibbles stored away in the cupboard. Another thing your guests will notice about your apartment: If these snacks are already out and waiting for them.

Maybe this can be a basket full of goodies sitting in the middle of the kitchen table, or, if preferred, you can simply introduce the offer a few minutes after everyone is settled in. Either way, the gesture itself not only practices good old hospitality but it tells your guests that you want to make your apartment their apartment.

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