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beginner tips to feng shui your bedroom
12 Beginner Tips to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

When creating your bedroom feng shui a lot of things come into consideration.

Toxic Environment
3 Ways a Toxic Environment Can Be Detrimental to Your Well-Being

Being happy and healthy can be extremely difficult when you’re in a toxic environment.

chalk art
Looking for Unique Interior Design Ideas? Chalk Art Might Be Your Answer

Chalkboard walls can be used for writing messages, notes, recipes, grocery lists, or just to create a beautiful drawing.

zen and harmony in your home
51 Awesome Ways To Create Zen & Harmony in Your Home

Creating zen and harmony in your home starts with the simple things. Being grateful for life, appreciating the small things and expressing love.

items you should buy at dollar store
60 Everyday House Items You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

Shopping for your home is always a challenge when you don’t know where to get stuff.

Beeswax Wraps
Go Fully Natural in Your Kitchen With Beeswax Wraps; The New Alternative to Plastic Bags

So many people have been buzzing about this new alternative to plastic bags.

green living at home
Green Living: Here’s How Recycling at Home Can Help Improve Your Health and Our Planet

There are no adverse effects to choosing green living and it costs nothing. Here are some tips on how recycling can help your health and the planet.

non-toxic laundry
A Non-Toxic Laundry Product That Saves The Environment While Keeping Your Home Clean & Smelling Like Lemons

When was the last time you really assessed your laundry products?

Remodeling Some Time This Year? Here are 7 Reasons To Consider Mustard Yellow

Today, this vintage color is making a comeback in a big way. Mustard yellow adds a feeling of clean, crisp, and fantastic brightness.

how to clean your mattress
Sleeping in Filth? Here’s How To Clean Your Mattress (The Right Way)

As much as we all love our mattresses, they are on the receiving end of…