Environmental Wellness

Living a lifestyle that is respectful of your surroundings and trying to live in harmony with Earth by taking action to protect it. This can simply start by raising your awareness and having respect for all nature and all species living in it. Environmental wellness focuses on establishing a happy home, work, and society in which you can live a fulfilling, thriving life.

Toxic Environment
3 Ways a Toxic Environment Can Be Detrimental to Your Well-Being

Being happy and healthy can be extremely difficult when you’re in a toxic environment.

zen and harmony in your home
51 Awesome Ways To Create Zen & Harmony in Your Home

Creating zen and harmony in your home starts with the simple things. Being grateful for life, appreciating the small things and expressing love.

Beeswax Wraps
Go Fully Natural in Your Kitchen With Beeswax Wraps; The New Alternative to Plastic Bags

So many people have been buzzing about this new alternative to plastic bags.

meditation garden
How To Create a Meditation Garden in Your Apartment for Those Times When You Need Uplifting

If you feel like you need to boost focus and peace in your life, one of the best things you can do is take up meditation.

green living at home
Green Living: Here’s How Recycling at Home Can Help Improve Your Health and Our Planet

There are no adverse effects to choosing green living and it costs nothing. Here are some tips on how recycling can help your health and the planet.

Remodeling Some Time This Year? Here are 7 Reasons To Consider Mustard Yellow

Today, this vintage color is making a comeback in a big way. Mustard yellow adds a feeling of clean, crisp, and fantastic brightness.

lgbtq pride interior design
How To Express LGBTQ Pride in Your Interior Decor. Like Why Not?

If you’re in the midst of redecorating and looking for ways to demonstrate pride at home, there are many stylish ways to do so.

vertical garden
Take Your Apartment Decor From Drab to Fab With These Vertical Garden Ideas

A vertical garden is something that a lot of big-time designers are beginning to add to their repertoire, and I’m here to help you add it to yours.

sustainable design
Sustainable Design & Functionality Comes First: 5 Ways Millennials are Redefining Interior Decor

As mindful as they are, millennials will take into account the planet and the environment when decorating their living space.