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Looking for Unique Interior Design Ideas? Chalk Art Might Be Your Answer

We’ve all seen those breathtaking images of chalk art on streets and walls in cities around the world. Blackboards or chalkboard walls are becoming increasingly popular in interior design for their versatile and functionality, but also for decorative purposes.

Chalkboard walls can be used for writing messages, notes, recipes, grocery lists, or just to create a beautiful drawing. Wherever you decide to create your own blackboard or chalkboard, there are virtually endless ways in which to use it. I have compiled a list of examples and design ideas for you to compare for your own home.

At The Entryway

chalk art

The entryway is first space guests see when they enter your house, so why not give them something different and interesting to look at? Welcome them with a cheerful chalk art message written on a blackboard, or go for something more functional and use chalkboard paint for one of the walls. This transforms it into a giant message board!

Write schedules on it, organize accessories, whatever fun ideas you can think of!

Home Office

Home offices are particularly useful places for chalk art because there’s always something that needs to be written down. A simple note, a list, maybe something you just need to remember for a future time. Think about that before you repaint an entire wall in your home office. Chalk art is also a simple way of personalizing the space and making it your own.

The Kitchen

chalk art

Have you seen those cafes or restaurants that have the blackboard on the wall with the day’s specials? I love those, and now you can have that in your own house, although it doesn’t have to be limited to only a small hanging blackboard.

A chalkboard wall is surprisingly useful in the kitchen. Use it to write grocery lists, notes, recipes, messages, etc. There are a lot of different ways you can integrate chalk art into your kitchen. One example could be a chalkboard backsplash, or how about painting the cabinet doors with chalkboard paint? It’s your kitchen, have fun with it.

The Dining Room

Moving on now to the dining room. In this room, for one example, a chalkboard wall can be used for that menu idea I spoke of above, or simply for writing a nice message. In the dining room, chalk art usually displays something beautiful on the wall. Just think about what you would enjoy seeing as you ate your meals, and let it come to life on the wall!

The Bathroom

When it comes to chalk art in the bathroom, they’re mostly decorative. Chalk art is a simple way to make the space feel more inviting and eye-catching. It’s a fun idea to have chalkboard walls in the guest bathroom for you and your guests to write messages on. Personally, I enjoy seeing artistic outlines around the mirror and other decorations around the room. It’s just a fun way to make any room just a little more interesting!


chalk art

For the master bedroom, chalkboard walls make an excellent accent feature. You can display your talents or use chalk art more practically and create a calendar. Remember, there’s no need for real artwork when you can create your own!

Living Room

chalk art

This is your opportunity to get crazy and ingenious with chalk art! Display framed artwork on a chalkboard wall and add some fun finishing touches. Also, remember: just because you have a chalkboard wall doesn’t mean you necessarily have to write or draw anything. Sometimes, the black wall look just fits on its own.

However, chalk art is an amazing opportunity to cheer up the decor and add some color to the space.

Kids’ Room

chalk art

Why punish kids for drawing on the walls when you can give them a space where it’s celebrated!? Let the young artists thrive with blackboards and chalkboard surfaces. They will surely be grateful for it! You can also do this for a playroom, if you’d like.

For safety, don’t place the bed near the chalkboard walls so the children don’t inhale the chalk dust and residues. A chalkboard wall is very practical for a kids’ room because it can help them with homework or studying. You can’t go wrong!

chalk art
chalk art

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