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51 Awesome Ways To Create Zen & Harmony in Your Home

Just moved into your new home, started a family or looking for ways to bring more happiness and charm into your life? Then today you’re in the right place.

It is always easy for us to look outside ourselves and our homes for peace, joy, encouragement, and upliftment, but most times what we need is literally in our backyards.

Creating zen and harmony in your home starts with the simple things. Being grateful for life, appreciating the small things, expressing love to family and friends and most of all, embracing and loving yourself.

It is the small things that count and makes a difference that we can feel, see and believe. Here we give you 51 awesome ways to create zen and beautiful harmony around your home. We hope you put them into practice.

  1. Say a daily prayer
  2. Have breakfast or dinner with your family
  3. Read positive books
  4. Light scented candles
  5. Eat and cook healthy food
  6. Exercise as much as possible, and exercise together if you have family or a significant other
  7. Remove clutter
  8. Burn sage
  9. Listen to awesome music
  10. Listen to inspiring podcasts
  11. Remove tech from the bedroom
  12. Let in tons of light
  13. Throw out unwanted or broken furniture
  14. Donate clothes you no longer wear
  15. Embrace the outdoors, whether on your balcony or backyard
  16. Hang plants
  17. Get a pet
  18. Add zen colors to your walls (a light blue is a great option)
  19. Check in with your family members weekly
  20. Keep your home clean, rake the yard, dust corners
  21. Do laundry once per week
  22. Diffuse essential oils
  23. Use wholesome, healthy and earth-friendly body and cleaning products
  24. Add a motivational welcome note or mat to your front door
  25. Get away from your house, take a vacation. On the contrary, this helps create a longing for the comfort of your home and helps you put things into perspective
  26. Plant a garden, get your hands dirty
  27. Hang beautiful pictures with encouraging quotes and colors
  28. Create a meditation room or area
  29. Get to know your neighbors, build positive and kind relationships
  30. Invite friends and family over ever so often
  31. Always have a few good bottles of wine around
  32. Keep your refrigerator clean and well stocked
  33. Wash garbage bins every other week
  34. Keep your car clean inside and out
  35. Don’t dump unwanted junk in your garage, get a storage unit or keep it organized
  36. Keep lights dim and intimate
  37. Appreciate the privacy of your home, walk around naked when you’re alone or with your significant other
  38. Polish china and ornaments
  39. Play meditation apps on your smart speakers. Headspace is a great option.
  40. Play board games
  41. Have a balance of feng shui elements around your home. Incorporate wood, fire, earth, metal and water elements
  42. Have yoga sessions in your living room or in your backyard, if possible. Glo is a good place to start for beginners
  43. Encourage human connection, have a cell phone or computer free day every month
  44. Avoid too much meat
  45. Add a wind chime to your balcony, front door or back porch
  46. Put up beautiful signs around your home reminding you to breathe and be mindful
  47. Smile at the small things
  48. Be silent every now and then, no music, no movies, no talking, no deep thinking
  49. Bless and thank your home when you wake up and before going to bed
  50. Add a motivational greeting by your front door, so guests know only positivity is welcome in your space
  51. Be yourself and love yourself. This is the only true way you will create zen at home

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