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How To Find Your Personal Feng Shui Birth Element

When just starting out with feng shui, there are many questions!

  • Should I use blue or red in this room?
  • Should I use ceramic or wooden fixtures in my design?
  • Which colors support my personal energy?

These are just a few of the issues that plague our minds as we figure out the best setup to achieve optimal feng shui results.

The solution to all your problems is as simple as knowing your feng shui birth element and understanding how to nourish and strengthen it.

The main criteria used to determine colors in a feng shui inspired decor are the baguas. However, if this fails you, knowing your birth element can go a far way in offering some inspiration.

There are five main feng shui birth elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and we all have a predominant energy that is expressed in our personality and can, therefore, be displayed in our interior feng shui design.

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There is also a specific feng shui birth element for the year you were born, called the personal feng shui birth element.

The five elements theory of feng shui can be a little archaic and difficult to understand, but you can easily comprehend its basic principle if you observe how these elements are represented in nature and how they in turn, interact with it.

For instance, we burn wood to create fire (so the Fire feng shui element is nourished by the Wood element, but Wood is destroyed by the Fire); we use knives to cut the Wood (so Metal feng shui element destroys Wood element).

Hence, if your feng shui birth element is wood, you would want to avoid too much fire or metal element colors and decor items in your design.

This does not mean however, that we do not need all five elements. They are all important, just in different proportions based on which birth element you are associated with.

Also, all five feng shui elements are included in our energy makeup, no one person is only wood element, water, metal, or fire. As with everything in nature, balance is important, so take this into consideration as you consume this info.

feng shui birth elements

To learn more about how your feng shui birth element/s affect your practice and how to find which element applies to you, check out this excerpt from from Rodika Tchi of

If you look at different disciplines (or even at another branch of feng shui called feng shui astrology or 9 Star Ki), you might discover that you have different elements at different levels – you can have a predominant Metal element energy in your character, while your personal birth element is Fire.

Here’s my example: my feng shui birth element is Earth, and I definitely feel nourished and supported in a space with a predominant Earth feng shui element decor. I am also Earth in feng shui astrology, which mostly defines one’s character, or energetic makeup.

However, in Western astrology my main element is Fire, and I certainly relate to the creativity and passion of this element. Looking further, I am Water in Vedic Astrology, and again, I can absolutely relate to this element as I tend to feel things very deeply and have a strong intuition.

So, am I Earth, Fire or Water? Is this confusing to me? No, it is not. I am a combination of all elements, just like you are, but I also know that for pure feng shui purposes, the birth feng shui element info is what helps me create surroundings to nourish my energy.

This chart gives you just one facet – but a very important one – that can help you create a nourishing home for yourself and your loved ones; follow it wisely.

Because your personal feng shui birth element is based on your year of birth as per Chinese New Year (which never starts on January 1st), be sure you know your correct year of birth for feng shui purposes. This chart shows the beginning of each year as per the Chinese calendar.

How To Use This Chart to Find Your Personal Feng Shui Birth Element:

Find your year of birth in one of the 5 columns representing a specific feng shui element; be sure to check the day, too.

Your date and month of birth have to be after, not before the day the Chinese New Year started in that year.

Note that the format used in the chart is day/month/year.

For example:

If you were born on February 5, 1950 (05.02.1950), your year of birth, for feng shui purposes, is considered 1949 not 1950. Why? Because according to the Chinese calendar, the year 1950 started on February 17, 1950 (17.02.1950).

So, your personal feng shui birth element is Earth (for 1949) not Metal (for 1950), as you can see in the chart below.”

Use the chart below to find your birth element:

feng shui birth element chart
via Conscious Panda

Now that you know your feng shui birth element, you can incorporate it into your interior design and reap the benefits.

Happy feng shui!

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feng shui birth element
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feng shui birth element
feng shui birth element
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