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9 Simple Ways To Keep Common Household Pests Out Of Your Home

You are getting ready to head out and, at the very last second, decide to take another snack with you to the office. Those peaches you bought from the farmer’s market the other week come into mind. Your hand reaches for the fruit bowl when suddenly you feel it—a subtle tickle that starts from the tip of your index finger and quickly proceeds up the rest of your arm. There it is! A Daddy Long Leg.

Of course, your first instinct is to swat it away and move about your day, but this a major mistake. Did you check around to make sure that creeper crawler wasn’t checking in for a family reunion? What about those fruit flies? Did you notice them hovering above those bananas? If you’re currently reminiscing over the past and answered ”No” to these questions then stick around. Here we offer you 9 simple ways to keep household pests out of your home.

1. Manage foliage  

One of the most common ways for pests to enter a living space is by climbing up the surrounding foliage of your house. Trees, bushes, vines—if you can assume a creepy crawler is there then this probably is the case.

Fun fact: A popular saying suggests that a person is always 10 ft away from a spider.

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2. Clean your garage and attic frequently

Bugs and rodents are always looking for somewhere to call home, and if your garage is stacked with dusty boxes and furniture then at some point something is bound to claim refuge under them.

With that being said, be sure to not only dust around these rooms at least once a week, but (at least once or twice a month) conduct a thorough inspection of all areas in your living space. This way you will be kept up to date with any potential household pests, and if a home invasion ever does occur you will be able to recall any unusual sightings and patterns.

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3. Throw out any decaying produce

Overripe bananas? Browning pears? This is a fruit flies’ paradise! If you often find your fruit ruining before you can enjoy them then it’s probably time to consider cutting back on your produce purchases. In other words, instead of buying two bundles of bananas just buy one. 

By doing this you will not only be able to ensure that the fruit will be consumed, but you can be certain that it will be consumed by you and not the fruit flies.

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4. Clean the kitchen countertop

At most, do a full wipe down of your kitchen countertop at least twice a week. Crumbs and split sugary beverages will attract ants, especially during the summertime.

5. Check for holes in the walls

One of the most common ways for household pests to enter your living space is by crawling through minuscule holes in the walls. Remember, if you notice a larger hole or crack don’t hesitate to close it.

If necessary, visit your local hardware department (such as Lowe’s or Home Depot) and ask a worker for their professional advice on the situation.

6. Open windows to keep things from getting damp

By opening your windows you prevent your living space from becoming too humid. Or, in other words, a breeding ground silverfish, flies, fruit flies, carpet beetles, and booklice.

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7. Use peppermint oil to repel spiders

Not only is this a natural alternative as opposed to spraying chemical induced bug repellant, but it is nontoxic to humans and easy to distribute.

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8. Check your pets (for fleas and ticks)

The worst thing you can do is ignore fido’s increased scratching habits. Do your pet (and yourself) a favor by running a flea comb through your pets’ fur every other time you walk him/her outside.

This is especially critical if you and your furry friend recently visited a new location such as a dog park, forest, and, yes, even the beach.

Another tip: Consider purchasing flea and tick repellents such as Frontline.

9. Don’t immediately kill an insect

Instead, use a bug spray or set out traps. Reason being is because the insect may have eggs, and by squashing it you may run the risk of unintentionally spreading these eggs.

Even if you believe everything was cleaned up and taken care of it’s better safe than sorry.

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