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How To Create a Meditation Garden in Your Apartment for Those Times When You Need Uplifting

If you feel like you need to boost focus and peace in your life, one of the best things you can do is take up meditation. This ancient relaxation technique can be conducted by anyone as long as you have a quiet and comfortable space. If you lack one of these in your home, you might want to design a perfect meditation garden. Here’s how to do it.

Start with a good vision

Before you start pouring concrete and planning greenery, you should stand in the middle of your space and imagine your perfect idea of relaxation. Consider all the spaces in your garden that you associate with Zen feelings and make sure to build upon them.

If you have any special notions that bring you peace, make sure to incorporate them into your design, no matter how small they might be. Remember that this is going to be your garden, so it’s your intent that counts the most.

Decide where to place your meditation oasis

Your space should be as relaxing as possible, so make sure to carefully consider your location. If you’re planning to use your space in the afternoon, consider the movement of the sun and incorporate shade.

If you want to use it in the evening, make sure to provide it with cozy lighting to boost your garden’s safety and comfort. It’s best to choose the most secluded part of your property where you’ll be able to concentrate and unwind.

meditation garden

Clear the area

Many people think that meditation can only be done seated in the lotus position on the ground, but that’s not true. You can provide yourself with cozy seating and create a practical area for meditation depending on your tastes.

For instance, you can start by paving one part of your space (this will ensure you can use it even after heavy rain) and furnish it with a cozy bench. And don’t think this will ruin your aesthetics! Today, you can find different types of decorative concrete for your outdoor space and create a perfectly attractive scene. You can even create two joined areas for couple’s meditation.

Add greenery

Even if you have a property in the middle of the city, you can still create a cozy meditation hideaway by employing greenery. However, make sure to use plants that require minimal maintenance—you don’t want to add stress to your life by worrying about pruning, watering and fertilizing.

Native plants are your best choice, since they need almost zero care and are the best for the environment. These plants will also add soothing green shades to your backyard and fill your space with fragrances and relaxing rustling sounds.

Boost relaxation with sounds

If you live constantly surrounded by noise, you’ll have a hard time relaxing. So, besides the gentle crunching of plants, you can also block some of the outside noise with a wind chime, light music or a water fountain. These comforting sounds will not distract you but provide you with a nice backdrop to your meditation.

Keep it minimalist

The best meditation gardens are fairly simple and clutter-free. With a complicated design come complicated thoughts that can take away from your garden’s practical value.

So, ensure every element in your garden is placed there with intent and purpose to make your life more beautiful and relaxing. Also, ensure that your space flows logically and that every element harmonizes with the next.

meditation garden

Remove pollution

A meditation space should help you become one with Mother Earth, so it makes perfect sense to keep it free of toxins and pollutants. Keeping your meditation area away from pesticides, antimicrobials, fungicides and rodenticides is especially important if you’re following the philosophy of non-harm.

These poisons will not only affect your meditation but also harm your health and health of beneficial critters. Instead, find eco-friendly options to keep your garden clean and pest-free and make sure to use sustainable plant feeding options.

Make it flexible

As your meditation encourages you to grow, change and perfect with time, your garden should also be flexible. If your space is stuck in time, it will not serve your needs in a year or two. You might need to build additions, plant trees or install shelter. So, make sure to design a space that’s flexible and able to adapt to your future wants.

A well-designed meditation garden will provide you with the peace and balance lacking in your life. You will reach Zen in no time and see various other beneficial effects.

meditation garden
meditation garden

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