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Interior Design For Pets: How To Style Your Apartment

We’ve all been there. Your guests are visiting for the first time and the first thing that comes out of someone’s mouth is ”Oh, you have a dog?” But here’s the thing—Fido hasn’t made his grand introduction yet, and it’s really his toys scattered about the floor, the bag of dog treats sitting on the counter, and his leash hanging out by the front entryway that has prompted this assumption.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if anything, one of the main goals in owning an animal is to make their presence as undetectable as possible. And by presence, we mean their belongings. If you have ever found yourself stuck in this situation then stick around. You’re in the right place. Here we offer 5 tips on interior design for pets.

1. Use woven baskets to store leashes, toys, and towels

interior design for pets

The greatest thing about these baskets is their practicability. For smaller animals, they can also serve as a bed. Just make sure you place a soft cushion or fabric at the bottom of the basket so they can feel most comfortable. Another tip: Woven baskets never fail to add an organic element to the interior design of your living space.

Looking for deals on woven baskets? Instead of heading out to Home Goods or Michael’s out your local thrift store. Depending on where you go they can usually be found for $3-10.

2. Use glass jars as a holding container for treats

Throw away those boring plastic treat bags from Petco and invest in a few mason jars. (To save money and increase your chasing of coming across unique finds check out your local thrift store). Display these jars on the kitchen countertop or in your cupboards.

Another tip: You can also use mason jars to store spices, sugar, (human) treats and kitchen utensils.

For more interior design for pets: check out Amazon for unique deals and varieties of glass jars like this one

interior design for pets

3. Color coordinate toys, beds, litter boxes, and cat posts with your furniture 

This is one of the most vital points when it comes to combining your furry companion’s belongings with the preexisting interior design of your apartment.

It is true that at some point in our lives we would have walked into a room and thought ”Oh, a cat box!” Maybe it was the smell that caught you off guard—or was it just the look of the box sitting all alone in the corner of the dark office space, somewhere near the desk (sound familiar?)

When it comes to larger items such as cat posts, cat scratchers, and beds—and if your furniture happens to be darker or lighter toned—consider matching the color of these items to create flow. But as always: don’t be afraid to experiment with color!

For more interior design for pets: check out Amazon for modern cat trees like this Furhaven one

4. Find a reasonable spot to place food dishes

interior design for pets

As desirable as the kitchen sounds, when placing your pets’ eating station in this room you are also taking a risk of someone accidentally tripping or knocking over it over, as this area generally observes the most foot traffic in your living space.

With that being said, even if you do place this item here always remember to be mindful of both your pets, family, and guests. One option that you may want to consider is investing in a stationary pet dish such as this one here. This way, even if the bowl is moved the risk of everything spilling out is automatically decreased.

For more interior design for pets: check out Amazon for more stationary pet dishes

Stainless Steel Double Dish by Mr. Peanut’s

Mediterranean Double Diner by Spot Ethical 

Double Dog Bowl Feeding Station by Roysili

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