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12 Interior Design Accounts on Instagram You Should’ve Followed Yesterday
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So it’s about that time to start adulting and design your apartment or home to breathe you inside-out. But how?? All this space and opportunity, so many questions. But don’t fret! Help is on the way! In fact, it’s right at your fingertips!

interior deisgn instagram
interior design instagram

Here we give you 12 of the best interior design accounts on Instagram that will help you find and hone your home design personality! (Try saying that 3 times fast)

Staring into a large empty room with nothing but walls can be bred with some intimidation, especially when you’ve never designed a home before. But, you honestly don’t need to be a famous interior designer to make your home absolutely gorgeous. And you don’t need a famous interior designer salary to do that either.

So there are a couple things you may want to establish before you go and purchase a whole new house. Remember this ONE tip when you’re just starting out or feeling overwhelmed, and you’ll be groovy.

Finding your home style is a process!

It’s not always perfect color schemes and gold accents when you first look at an empty room. You have to get acquainted with your new apartment or home and observe the natural feng shui of each room. Try taking yourself through a tour of your home and take photos. Your first design won’t always be your last, so be patient and the right theme will show itself!

Plus, with the help of these 12 Interior Design Instagrammers, that may come sooner than later!

interior design on instagram

1. Home Polish – @homepolish

Home Polish offers different tips and tricks for apartment interior design that yields beautifully expansive living areas out of smaller spaces.

They feature more of a contemporary take on modern interior design. It’s based in white or beige backdrops accompanied by large windows with soft or dark accents in the furniture. A heavy influence of natural outside light makes this style bright and refreshing. Not to mention making the room look a lot larger!

This page is perfect for you if you live in an apartment or if you want to learn how to make the most out of all compact spaces in your home!

2. Interior 123 – @interior123

Interior 123 is changing the way we look at our homes. They believe there should be little to no difference between a luxury 5-star hotel, and your bedroom.

The page expands on neutral-toned compact sofas and steel frames combined with marbled textures. Use floral vases and candles to enchant the room with a soft twinkle. You want to aim for reflected or indirect light instead of direct light. This is how those fancy hotels make the rooms look so enticing. That’s the secret!

So if you’re one of those people who go on vacations just for the hotel, why not get that vacation feeling as soon as you walk in your front door? Check this page out to get more tips on making a luxury staycation, your everyday.

3. Interior Design Inspiration – @interior_design_best

Interior Design Inspiration is totally for moderners. Their style dances close to minimalism without being too minimal. This take on modern interior design is stunning with irregular architecture and wooden accents everywhere you look. Modern design babes, this one’s for you.

interior design on instagram

4. Interior Design Magazine – @interiordesignmag

Interior Design Magazine (IDM) is definitely for architects. IDM focuses on interior design based in architecture.

Anything from irregular floor plans and high arches can be seen featured on this page of architecture design for home.

It encourages you to choose an interior design inspiration that caters to your home’s specific architecture. It’s an awesomely unique way to style your home.

5. The Real Houses – @the_real_houses_of_ig

If you’ve had it with these modernized homes and just want something more “homey”, The Real Houses is your new best friend.

The Real Houses brings us back to the good ole days with a very traditional and cottage-like interior design. You’ll see spacious living rooms with brick or cobblestone walling and chimneys. As well as, two-story homes with deep wood accented banisters, staircases, and tall entryways. Perfect for large families!

6. IKEA – @ikeausa

Now, this one may seem like a no brainer but IKEA truly offers thousands of amazing and affordable interior design products! They showcase such a huge variety of color schemes and styles that something is sure to tickle your fancy.

Check out this awesome interior design makeover for a living area with all IKEA products. Beautiful transformation!

interior design on instagram

7. Tastemade Home – @tastemadehome

Tastemade Home is a miracle child for those of us who love DIY home projects. Their insta mainly contains quick how-to videos on creating unique and beautiful accents for your home. Check out one of our favorite videos from the page!

8. KS Architects – @ks_architects

Need help designing that office space that just isn’t coming together? Try out KS Architects

KS Architects creates gorgeous interior design for the perfect modern office space. Some of the styles presented are even versatile enough to be used throughout other spaces in your home. The high contrasting colors with a minimalist interior design approach makes for an alluring home experience. Look through their Instagram to add that business casual flair to your home and office space!

9. D+K Renewal – @dkrenewal

Into bright colors and textiles? D+K Renewal features tons of bohemian living room and bedroom designs. Similar to contemporary interior design, bohemian design is characterized by spacious rooms that rely on outside lighting.

Multi-colored patterns and Moroccan textile rugs add a vibrant pop of color without competing with neighboring décor.

PRO TIP: Nail up some twinkling Christmas lights with tapestry to make this design even more charming.

interior design on instagram

10. Zeynep – @zeynepshome

Calling all fashion-forward divas who must accessorize (or die).

Zeynep features incredibly stylish interior designs that show how the modern-day fashionista keeps comfy and cute. Zeynep’s designs typically have grey or black backgrounds complimented by soft lighting and white furniture.

LOTS of decorative pillows aside huge, plushy blankets give a cozy feel; while porcelain trinkets and glitzy décor add just the right amount of glam.

With Zeynep’s tips, your room will be the glamorous fashion haven that caters to your lady cave needs.

11. Stephanie – @hej.mia

Is less actually a whole lot more? If yes, then you’ll love Stephanie’s Designs.

Stephanie’s homes are beautiful examples of the classic scandinavian interior design. Scandinavian design is known for it’s focus on minimalism and functionality.  Each room exudes a calming and serene feng shui with its steady and neutral color schemes.

Extravagant decorations are also kept to a minimum in order to keep the room from becoming too cluttered or busy. You may want to consider this interior style if you need a way to instantly relax after a stressful day’s work.

12. Urban Jungle Bloggers – @urbanjungleblog

Do you believe in the concrete jungle? Urban Jungle Bloggers refuses to believe otherwise. Bring the Earth into your home with a bombardment of indoor house plants. It’s best to keep your walls plain in color like white or grey to provide a wonderful contrast to the deep greenery. Chairs and sofas are also simple usually resembling outdoor furniture.

Follow Urban Jungle Bloggers to see how to unleash the jungle inside of you.

By now, you should pretty much be an expert in interior design. Whichever interior style appeals to you; traditional, modern, contemporary, etc., there is immediate inspiration out there to help you achieve your dream home look.

So go ahead, tackle that empty room with your newfound arsenal of ideas. You’ll be glad you did!

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