When we hear the words lucky and unlucky, we immediately think fortune or misfortune, but when it comes to feng shui, these words are intended to work as a guide to help you achieve the best results, not to rule your life.

So, you will not be condemned to a life of mishap if your bed is turned towards an unlucky direction! That is bullshit.

Fundamentally, the lucky directions help you to tap into the strongest and most precise energy while the negative directions do the opposite.

You are the one in charge of the energies around you, therefore, you control the effect these feng shui principles have on your life and the results they birth.

So let’s give you your lucky and unlucky feng shui directions to create a positive home when next you decorate, but first, you must know your Kua number, which you can learn to calculate in this post.

Once you know your Kua number, finding your lucky and unlucky directions will be a breeze.

See chart below:

lucky and unlucky feng shui directions
via Know Feng Shui

These directions are normally applied in areas where you spend the most time in your home (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen) and office.

Position items such as your bed at home and your desk at work to face one of your lucky directions.

There is no need for a chart displaying your unlucky feng shui directions, as simply put, the other four numbers that are not listed as lucky directions for your Kua number are considered as unlucky.

If you develop an informed and open-minded approach to feng shui, you will be surprised at what can happen in and around your home, your job and your life in general.

Be positive, practice harboring positive energy and feng shui will do the rest.

Happy feng shui!

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