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10 Realistic Minimal Living Tips for Beginner Millennials
minimal living tips
minimal living tips
minimal living tips
minimal living tips

However, with popularity of anything comes an overload of information. Tips on how to create a minimal home, office, and lifestyle in general flood the online sphere every day.

Today, we will add to that super long list, but we are offering valuable, real to life and uber practical tips that you can put into action right now.

Let’s go:

1. You don’t need anything in your room but a bed

minimal living tips

We have been programmed from childhood, seeing how our parents furnished our bedrooms taught us to think we need an abundance of everything for a room to be complete.

There must be a bed, a chest of drawers, bedside tables, television, lamps, and the list could go on forever.

The reality is, the only thing you need in your bedroom is a bed. Plain and simple.

Nowadays beds are built with storage space underneath, side extensions to place your phones and maybe a night lamp, plus not to mention how comfortable they have become, and you no longer need a Chaise in the corner.

The bedroom has gone practical and if you want to start living a minimal lifestyle, this should be one of the easiest to implement.

2. You don’t need anything in your Living Room but a Couch, TV and some Wall Art

minimal living tips

Just like the bedroom, the Living Room has undergone massive change over the years. Once upon a time, there were bookshelves, DVD players, Cable boxes, Video Game consoles, center tables, rugs, cabinets, and a lot more.

Today, with the advent of AI such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, 99% of these items are reduced to one or two devices which all connect to your TV.

Plus, center tables and rugs might still be important if you want to add some chicness or style to your pad, but if you want to make your place shine, invest in some minimal, creative wall art pieces like Canvases and ornaments.

These will say a thousand words without all the unnecessary clutter.

3. A huge Closet is unnecessary, especially if you only wear 10 pieces all the time

minimal living tips

What is the purpose of a massive closet when you only wear the same set of clothes every day

I know many people who have a ton of clothes in their closets, yet they have a favorite pair of shoes (out of 20) which they wear everywhere, and the same goes for everything else.

A small hole in the wall or an exposed rack is just perfect for your clothes. You don’t need a walking closet just to show your friends that you can afford to splurge on unimportant junk.

4. All your old pictures and documents can be scanned and stored in the cloud

minimal living tips

We live in the age of the cloud, hence, there is no need for all your family heirlooms such as albums, graduation certificates and personal documents to be lying around the house.

All these items can be easily scanned or photographed and saved to Dropbox, Google Photos or the iCloud.

Not to mention, this creates less hassle if you ever have to move, or will be protected if God forbids a fire or flood should happen.

Also, utility, credit card bills, bank statements and other forms of paper communication can be sent electronically. Just visit the respective websites and set up electronic statements.

It’s time to upgrade from paper hoarding and catch up with the times.

5. Physical books are great, but what will happen after you read them?

minimal living tips

Don’t get me wrong, I love physical books. I read like crazy when I was young, but it is the 21st century, which means it’s time to go digital.

The Amazon Kindle changed the book game when the transition from physical to digital reading was ushered in. Nowadays, it is almost frowned upon to have a physical book in your presence.

With so many devices and online retailers offering the ability to download or purchase digital content, there is no need to have physical books anymore.

If you have issues such as too much artificial light from tablets and smartphones affecting your vision, then simply adjust the settings to darker viewing modes.

And if the nostalgia of turning physical paper motivates you to keep reading, then go to the library, but the days of excess book clutter is over, especially if minimalism is your goal.

6. Don’t buy food you will never eat

minimal living tips

We are all guilty of this. We go to the grocery store with a “shopping list” and return home with twenty extra items that were never on our list.

Not only did you go over budget, but now this food will sit in your cupboards for weeks or months until it has to be discarded because you never needed it in the first place.

The only way to curb this problem is to only buy the necessities and avoid going overboard while shopping.

It can be tempting to not ignore attractive “deals” on items you think you may need, but you are only doing a disservice to yourself and putting more money in the retailer’s pocket.

7. Eating healthy is not expensive

minimal living tips

We have been told from childhood that eating is expensive. Our parents shopped at “affordable” supermarkets and anything healthy was considered food for rich people.

This could not be farther from the truth, especially today.

Personally, I eat very healthily for less than $200 every month.

Stores like Aldi offer great prices on fresh fruits, vegetables, and canned products. Plus retailers like Walmart and now the Amazon-owned Whole Foods are offering more organic produce at reasonable prices.  Local food markets are also great places to start shopping.

There is no excuse to avoid eating healthy because you are on a budget. That’s just bullshit!

8. Airbnb makes traveling super affordable

minimal living tips

Remember the days when traveling was something set aside for major holidays after having the whole year to save up?

Sounds so old school ha?

Today, traveling has never been cheaper. It is no longer considered a luxury reserved for rich people with huge disposable budgets, but for anyone who wants to explore, learn or just take a break from reality.

Hosting sites like Airbnb, Couchsurfing and others offer tons of affordable accommodation options in hundreds of towns and cities around the globe.

Now the only thing stopping you from traveling on a meager budget is maybe your closed mind that is scared to explore.

9. Fly budget airlines

minimal living tips 9

Budget airlines are the future of mainstream travel. Luxury offerings on premium carriers will always be around, but the real money will be in affordable travel. This is why budget airlines such as Ryanair in Europe, Frontier in the US and Air Asia in Asia report record profits every quarter.

In October 2017 I flew roundtrip on Frontier from Orlando, FL to Los Angeles, CA for less than $100.

Now that is fucking crazy! We are talking a five-hour flight across the country for less than the cost of most suitcases.

Plus airlines like Norwegian offer super affordable deals from various US cities to Europe and more budget options are popping up every day.

Of course, these aren’t the most comfortable flight experiences out there. You are talking about cramped leg space, little to no refreshments or food, limited entertainment options, if any, and tight scheduling restrictions. But, if you view traveling as being about the destination and less about how you get there, then you will be just fine.

After all, you are getting what you pay for!

It is not out of the norm to find round-trip deals for less than $100 to great destinations on long-haul flights any given day.

Travel has become a minimalist’s dream.  

10. Buy what you need, not what you want

minimal living tips

This tip goes back to tip six, but it is a great note on which to end this countdown.

We live in a world of uber consumerism. Every day a new smartphone is released, a new app is designed, a dope fashion collection comes out and we feel the need to “keep up with the times.”

The FOMO is a real thing and as a millennial minimalist surrounded by super-consumers and capitalists throwing ads and frivolities at you from every corner, it is hard to resist.

However, if you step aside and assess your priorities in life and realize what is important, you will come to the sensible conclusion, which is, none of that matters.

minimal living tips

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