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A Non-Toxic Laundry Product That Saves The Environment While Keeping Your Home Clean & Smelling Like Lemons

When was the last time you really assessed your laundry products? Despite your clothes smelling as fresh as a Spring morning, you’re trading the health and wellness of your family for a faux appearance of cleanliness and warm fragrances.

According to studies done by the EPA, popular detergent brands often contain harmful chemicals which lead to negative health effects ranging from skin and throat irritation to carcinogenicity. Plus has damaging and long-lasting effects on the environment.

Research has also found that dryer vents emit over 7 hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere and this is made worse when there is limited outdoor ventilation, leaving these harmful chemicals trapped inside your home.

One of the most common ingredients used in traditional laundry detergent is 1,4-dioxane, which triggers side effects such as vertigo, drowsiness, headache, anorexia, and irritation of the eyes, nose throat and lungs.

If all this isn’t bad enough, damage to the lungs and liver has been recorded in rats who were exposed to this chemical in their drinking water.

This is an eye-opener, as the detergents we use on a weekly basis to “clean” might actually be hurting us.

It is important to assess your living practices every once in a while and see where you can make changes to not only make your home and family safer but also the environment.

This is the mission of My Green Fills.

Started by Ruth Smith as soap making hobby to care for her children who suffered from skin allergies in 1982, My Green Fills has grown to become a pioneer in the non-toxic laundry revolution.

Here’s how it works

  1. Choose a bundle. You have three options, we recommend starting with Bundle 1 for your first delivery.
  2. Your non-toxic laundry products are delivered to your door, ensuring you never run out of safe laundry products.
  3. Choose your frequency. Whether you need a refill every month or every other month, it’s all up to you, plus refills can be paused at any time.
  4. Cancel anytime. There are no obligations or contracts.

Choosing a bundle

Choosing a bundle to begin reaping the organic benefits of this product is fairly easy. It all comes down to how often you do laundry and if cost is a determining factor.

You have three bundles to choose from:

Bundle 1: Large Home Essentials Box ($45 for 5 items – $9 each) – 50 loads wash, 50 loads rinse, dryer angel, non-toxic stain stick, enzyme stain remover.

Bundle 2: Medium Home Essentials Box ($36 for 3 items – $12 each) – 50 loads wash, 50 loads rinse, dyer angel.

Bundle 3: Small Home Essentials Box ($14 for 1 item) – 50 loads wash.

Getting your delivery

Once you open your My Green Fills box you’re greeted with an amazing scent of freshness that immediately reminds you of fresh lemons and essential oils.

Tucked inside you’ll find an array of nicely packaged products that act as an organic army ready to revolutionize the way you do laundry.

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This is what you’ll find inside Bundle 1:

Signature Scent Laundry Wash – this signature blend is infused with a calming blend of essential oils for aromatherapy that will captivate your home.

Signature Scent Laundry Rinse – neutralizes hard water in the final rinse cycle.

Unscented Laundry Wash – a non-toxic, hypoallergenic option to the scented version.

Unscented Laundry Rinse – a natural softening liquid that uses citric acid (vitamin C) to leave clothes soft and supple.

OxyBoost Brightener – uses the power of oxygen to naturally brighten your clothing.

Dryer Angel Refills – made from 100% non-toxic ingredients, these dryer angels are infused with a special blend of essential oils.

Oh Happy Day – 100% non-toxic room refresher.

Enzyme Stain Remover – powerful, natural stain remover that will cut through the toughest stains.

Non-Toxic Stain Stick – eliminates tough stains.

Laundry Machine Cleaner – detoxes your laundry machine to remove bacteria and gunk build-up.

Watch this video with CEO Steve Ezell, to get a better idea of each product and how you can start applying them to your laundry routine from day 1.

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Creating opportunities for women

My Green Fills is not only keen on bettering the lives of their customers and preserving the environment, but also creating opportunities for people around the world to grow and thrive.

They work in partnership with Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf to make their Dryer Angels. For every Dryer Angel you purchase you are contributing to the livelihood of a deaf woman in Jamaica.

Taking care of your health and the environment is definitely worth the cost

It is easy to argue that buying a $3 pack of laundry detergent at your nearest Walmart will save you more money than paying almost $50 for a subscription box, but keep this in mind.

Once you make your first purchase of $45 for all 5 items in Bundle 1, most likely the only purchase you’ll need to make for the next few months is Bundle 3’s Small Home Essential Box. This is due to the small amount of wash and rinse you’ll need to experience amazing results. A little goes a far way.

Also, look at the cost on your health and the environment when you sacrifice a few dollars in savings for a “bargain.” Is it worth it?

A hypo-allergenic, non-toxic alternative will help you apply organic living beyond your kitchen.

Adopting organic living does not only apply to your diet

Most of us believe that living organically only applies to what we put in our bodies, but this idea is misguided.

What you put on your body and the products you come in contact with around your home everyday all have an effect on your overall health and well-being.

It is important to assess your kitchen routine, your bathroom routine and even your laundry routine to ensure you’re giving yourself and family the gift of happiness, prosperity and good health.

non-toxic laundry
non-toxic laundry
non-toxic laundry

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