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10 Awesome & Cheap Ideas to Organize Your Small Bathroom
ways to organize your small bathroom
ways to organize your small bathroom
ideas to organize your small bathroom
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No matter where you live, city, suburbs or small town, when you purchase or rent an apartment/house, if space has to be sacrificed, the bathroom is always first on the list.

This often times make for a cramped space and you are left trying to figure out where to store all your regularly used bathroom items.

Today, we give you 10 awesome and cheap ideas to organize your small bathroom and create a little environment that is well organized and despite its size, clutter-free and non-claustrophobic.

So, let’s start designing:

1. Get a Smaller Sink

ideas to organize your small bathroom - small sink

When your bathroom is short on space, the last thing we think of is reducing the size of fixtures. After all, a bathroom should have a normal sized face sink and bath. But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A practical idea is just what you need and a small face sink does just that.

2. Store Most Used Items On Counter in Jars

ideas to ogranize your small bathroom - jars

Organizing everyday items such as hand soaps, and cotton swabs into jars instead of having them stored away can save you a little space, as the packaging can be huge and occupy much-needed space.

3. Keep Toilet Paper on Toilet 

ideas to organize your small bathroom - tissue

This is a simple yet very practical idea as it keeps the toilet paper right where it’s needed while simultaneously saving on space.

4. Place a Shelf Above Your Bathroom Door

ideas to organize your small bathroom - shelf above door

A shelf above the bathroom door is one of the best ideas to organize your small bathroom. It keeps items hidden from view if you are outside the bathroom and can be used to store often used items such as towels and toilet paper.

5. Double Up on the Rods

ideas to organize your small bathroom - rods

Stacking up on rods when you have a small bathroom is a genius and practical idea. They are easy to set up and useful for storing regularly used shower items.

6. Use the Backside of Cabinet Doors

ideas to organize your small bathroom - back of doors
via Improvenet

A place that is often ignored when it comes to storage in the bathroom is the backside of your cupboard doors or vanity mirror. However, this is a very useful area to store nail polish, shampoos, body washes and other regularly used bathroom paraphernalia.

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7. Store Towels Behind Bathroom Door

ideas to organize your small bathroom - towels
via Martha Stewart

It is normal for us to always store towels close to face sinks or baths, but if space is on the low in your small bathroom, a great place to hang towels is behind the bathroom door. They are out of sight and can be stacked vertically to hang even more towels than you would be able to on a single rack by the bath.

8. Hang Shelves on Walls

ideas to organize your small bathroom - inverted brackets
via First Home Dreams

The bathroom is not always thought of as a place to have wall shelves or inverted brackets, but it is actually one of the best places to put them. These brackets or shelves can be used to spice up your interior decor with some styling and store items such as towels and qtips.

9. Store Electrical Items in One Spot

ideas to organize your small bathroom - electrical items
via Dream Green DIY

Storing electrical items such as blow dryers, straighteners, and sheers in one place will save on a lot of space. These items are bulky and when stored on counters or in cupboards they deprive you of space that could be used for something else. This idea above is genius as it creates a nice little storage area for your electrical items right where you use them without taking away from your bathroom decor.

10. Use Small Baskets to Organize Items in Drawers

ideas to organize your small bathroom - drawers

If you have a small bathroom with a few drawers, a great way to save on space is to label these drawers and add the respective items in them using small plastic trays that can be easily sourced at a dollar store. Your makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste and other items do not have to be stored by the face sink anymore. See more here.

 Ideas to Organize Your Small Bathroom Summary

Small bathrooms are never ideal. They are one of the most used spaces in your home and should ideally be big enough to accommodate you and your family comfortably, but this isn’t always the case.

In those instances when your bathroom is just too small, trying these ideas will work wonders in utilizing space and eliminating unnecessary clutter.

ideas to organize your small bathroom

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