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8 Great Pets For People With Pet Allergies

Sneezing and itching at the sight of an adorable furry friend is a definite no-no.

Having a dog and cat allergy means that your body’s immune system reacts to the proteins in the animal’s dander, saliva or urine. Caring for fish, turtles, snakes or birds could be the safest alternative because a genuinely “hypoallergenic” cat or dog does not exist for this reason.

However, these eight breeds of dogs and cats produce fewer allergens than most pets do. Take a look!



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This super-cute curly-haired dog breed has dense coats that might just ease your allergy. Portuguese Water dogs were recently familiarized by the Obama’s, whose pets Bo and Sunny were chosen specifically due to Malia Obama’s need to have a hypoallergenic pet. These dogs are known to be people-pleasers, clever and devoted workout buddies since they require daily exercise.


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These fluffy companions, known for their swanky and stylish disposition also have hypoallergenic fur. They famously walked with European artists and French royalty in the 1700’s and have continued to intrigue by donning a variety of unique haircuts and fashions since. While regular grooming is a priority for these dogs, they also have loads of energy, are extremely intelligent and easy to train.


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The hair of a “Yorkie” is extremely similar to humans, meaning they don’t shed as routinely as your common pet and are less likely to make you sniffle in their presence. These small pups are full of life, devotion and will protect you with their little lives. They love the great outdoors, so make sure you are willing to go on daily walks with them along with showering them with attention.


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Once you befriend a Shih Tzu, they will follow you to the ends of the Earth. These sweet balls of fur are friendly companions to come home to and can easily relax with you because they do not require too much activity. Shih Tzu’s have a long but fine coat that does not shed often and is low maintenance to groom.  


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Sphynx cats stand out among cat breeds, not only for their hairlessness but because they are said to be much more friendly and cuddly than a typical feline. Not only do they love attention but detest being ignored. Sphynx cats are highly energetic, you will be amazed at their incredible acrobatics as they balance and climb everywhere in your apartment. Their exposure to the sun should be limited and paying attention to their skin is important.


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While their bright green eyes will enchant you, their rich yet dense silver-blue coat might bring a special smile on your face. Their fur traps allergens close to their skin, leaving fewer allergens floating around for you to get a whiff of. Bye-bye to those sneezy pet allergies and say hello to this beautiful Russian Blue, who is also known to be gentle, playful, and receptive to the moods of their owners.


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If you are getting curious about a Siberian, you would not be much different than one, because they are highly-inquisitive creatures. They cannot get enough of playing with new toys or quietly judging you from the other side of the room. They have less of the protein FelD1 in their saliva which can contribute to an allergy and a large coat, resulting in less shedding. So if pet allergies are your worry, this is a good option.


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Even well into their adult years, Oriental cats act just like a kitten with their sociable and eager personalities. They love to play, meow and show you some love. Oriental cats also produce less dander in their skin and saliva, making them another good candidate for your home if you have pet allergies.

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