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6 Best Ways To Free Up Storage Space In Your Apartment

While you’re on the daily grind, keeping your apartment in tip-top shape can often be a struggle, but coming back night after night to clutter is likely to create additional stress to your life.

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No matter how big or small your space is, there are many ways you can use it more efficiently. With just a bit of storage space ingenuity and shuffling around, you can swiftly get back to calling your home, home again.

Utilizing the hidden-in-plain-site spots in your apartment that you might not have thought about before is key to creating more room for yourself.

So, take a weekend and show your apartment some love with our 6 best ways to free up storage space in your apartment that will welcome you back to your place.


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If you’re holding onto things that are just collecting dust, chances are you don’t need them laying around in the first place. Regularly getting rid of some of your outdated belongings is always a good practice. At first, it might be difficult to say goodbye, but once it’s gone you’ll feel the weight that has been lifted.

To make some bonus cash, you can take your clothes, furniture, and trinkets to local thrift shops or use apps such as Letgo and Wish.


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Turn the free space on your walls into a useful place to display anything from your treasured books to framed pictures with floating shelves. You can fasten them over your couch, toilet, desk, bed or in a previously untouched corner. This adds a place for your things without moving a single piece of furniture or clearing off space for yet another bookshelf. Here is some floating shelf inspiration.


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Need more drawer space? If it doesn’t have them already, it’s easy to find storage drawers, boxes or baskets that can fit under your bed. Stocking some of your things here allows for storage that is out of your way, easily out of sight but still accessible. Find more under the bed storage


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Behind every door is another opportunity to store what might be present on your floor. Over-the-door organizers can be implemented behind the bathroom door, in your pantry your closet and bedroom to create additional space elsewhere. Check out some of these ideas for over the door.


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Lending multiple uses to a piece of furniture leaves room to get rid of another one. Swapping a traditional living room coffee table with a chest that matches your decor will create more storage space for your apartment. Using a toy chest, vintage trunk or modern table with storage specifically in mind will make much more use of your living room, like this DIY $5 Trunk turned Coffee Table


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The storage space options are endless with adhesive hooks. They can reliably stick to any surface in your apartment and just as easily be removed. Use them to individually hang items such as towels or kitchen essentials or can to attach baskets and containers to your vacant walls. Look at these adhesive hook hacks.

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