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Sustainable Design & Functionality Comes First: 5 Ways Millennials are Redefining Interior Decor

It seems like these days all eyes are on us millennials and our way of life. This is probably because our generation is the one setting new trends in all spheres of life, from dealing with environmental issues to using all the latest technology to our advantage.

It’s, therefore, no wonder that everybody is interested in the changes we are making when it comes to home décor and design. Here are some of the directions millennials are moving towards and ways we’re redefining home interior as we enter the world of real-estate and start buying homes of our own.

Functionality above everything else

sustainable design

Gone are the days when everything had to be grandiose, big and abundant with all sorts of things. Millennials are now choosing smaller, but more functional homes instead of flashy immense residences. The key is to maximize the use of limited space and foregoing lavishness in favor of staying practical and lowering expenses.

The focus is placed on parts of the home where they spend most of their time, avoiding clutter and anything else that isn’t necessary. So, through minimalist home décor and some great design tricks, millennials make their homes look more spacious than they actually are without compromising functionality.

The beauty of individuality

When adjusting their living space to fit all their needs, millennials don’t follow trends created by others. They do things as they see fit. This is why they don’t get matching furniture and then have everything else complement it. They will search the internet for the latest trends and then mix and match what they find, not sticking to just one style or era and not going for the priciest items just to follow fashion.

They achieve authenticity without trying to impress anybody but themselves and without fear of experimenting with completely different looks. They let their creativity shine through everything they bring into their home, including the artwork, which is tasteful and reflects their personality. Just don’t be shocked to see some unique and interesting paintings against various wallpaper patterns.

The importance of lighting

sustainable design

As with most other things, millennials are pragmatic when it comes to lighting. They understand it doesn’t simply illuminate the room and that, although it should be decorative, it respresents a lot more. The lighting features they choose will, above all, serve their purpose, but they will also be installed and placed in a way that nurtures good vision, improves mood and relieves people of stress.

This will require doing some electrical work, switch installation and wiring. Also, you have to keep in mind that some countries, like Australia, strictly forbid unlicensed DIY meddling with electricity. That is why hiring a licensed electrician is highly advisable.

After all, an expert will know where to put a lighting fixture so that it doesn’t waste electricity, but rather provides plenty of light while adding to the depth and the style of the room.

Comfort is essential

The millennials’ home has to be pleasant. It has to be intimate, but also friendly and inviting. It’s a place where they feel calm and where they can unwind at the end of the day with their friends or family.

The furniture is cozy, there are always some soft throw cushions lying around and the bedrooms are places of serenity, where they can sleep comfortably and uninterruptedly. The key to combining all these different elements is to have a home that relaxes them and one they can’t wait to go back to every day.

To sum it up, millennials will go out of their way to turn their home into a sanctuary from anything bad around them. And not just that. It will be a sanctuary you’ll love seeing as a background to their Instagram posts.

Encouraging sustainable design

sustainable design

As mindful as they are, millennials will take into account the planet and the environment when decorating their living space. For one, they will do what they can to cut down on the use of energy inside their homes. This influences not only their choice of appliances but also the materials they use for home décor.

They will be more likely to opt for natural materials, such as stone or wood. Plus, just like mixing and matching their furniture pieces, they will do the same with these materials, meaning that they won’t hesitate to combine completely different textures.

For instance, if you find yourself in their bathroom, you may come across wooden shelves above metal bathroom fixtures. Furthermore, since they are practical and eager to save the green of the world at the same time, you shouldn’t be surprised to find strawberries, potatoes or various spices planted in their pots instead of decorative plants.

sustainable design
sustainable design
sustainable design

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