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Take Your Apartment Decor From Drab to Fab With These Vertical Garden Ideas

If you’re still looking for that unique way to add some green to your life, I’ve got good news for you! It’s easy enough to go out and buy a few potted plants to dot around the house, but vertical gardens are the new and hot way to show off your creativity! You should take pride in how you use plants to spruce up your home.

A vertical garden is something that a lot of big-time designers are beginning to add to their repertoire, and I’m here to help you add it to yours, as well.

All of the designs in the list below are completely DIY and easy to create for yourself. From succulents to bigger potted plants to flowers, these 9 vertical gardens are really going to knock your dirt-covered gardening gloves off!

1. Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden

vertical gardens

I love rustic decor, and this recycled pallet vertical garden is an amazing example of rustic done right! This style of decor works so well because it’s mostly dull brown colors. So, when you add the plants, you brighten it up quite literally and even add some life to the forgotten wood.

Try mounting your pallet onto a wall, or you can just have it propped up like the one in the picture. My recommendation is to do what was done in the above example. Use a variety of species and colors to make everything look more natural. Try asking around to friends and family for an old wooden pallet if you don’t have one at home. You’ll be surprised how many people just have them lying around collecting dust.

2. Succulent Frame Vertical Garden

Succulents might be my all-time favorite tool when it comes to indoor gardening. So many different textures and colors, they can make any room stand out! And, with this framed succulent garden, you can make it any size you need it to be to make any room look stunning!

Succulents are extremely easy to find in most flower shops or stores, and they aren’t costly to buy either. Another amazing thing is that they don’t need to be watered too often, which makes them the perfect vertical garden plant! I do not doubt in the slightest that you’ll receive endless compliments after hanging this up in your house. They also make really thoughtful gifts!

3. Wood & Leather Trellis

vertical gardens

When I used to imagine vertical gardens, they looked a lot like the previous example, but there are so many different ways you can do it! This interesting and creative garden design has all the plants spread out as opposed to being arranged together in one big, colorful bunch.

This wood and leather trellis garden is the perfect way to cover a large space if you have one that looks dull and empty. You can make this design your own by painting the wood and selecting the perfect pots. If it were up to me, I’d have an entire wall of plants, but this is a more easily achievable design to keep up with.

4. Wooden Vertical Garden

If you’re one of those hardcore DIY experts that likes doing the hard work that leads to the best results, then a wooden vertical garden is for you! This may not be a one-person kind of job, but it is a job that you will enjoy for many years to come!

There is a great contrast between the clean-cut wood and the natural-look of the exposed soil and plants. This is a great design for herbs and vegetables to be within an easy reach! Which makes this not only a stunning decor piece, but also extremely practical! Win-Win!

5. Succulent Letter Vertical Garden

vertical gardens

As soon as I saw these I wanted one for every letter in the alphabet! Okay, maybe not quite that many, but the idea of having my family’s initials arranged on the wall together puts a big smile on my face.

In a store you’d have to pay a lot for one of these, and even then the plants inside are most likely fake. This is an easy build once you have all the materials you need. It wouldn’t even take long to make. And, as long as you keep an eye on the succulents, this DIY garden could last you a very long time!

6. Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden

I love a good upcycling project, and this shoe organizer garden is a perfect example of one! Taking used things and transforming them to fit a new purpose is so much fun, and I’ve never thought about using a shoe organizer as a plant holder.

The one problem with this DIY project is it’s intended to be used outside because of the water drainage. If you can find a way to drain the water inside without it getting on the floor, please let me know. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult a task. Lining the little pouches so water couldn’t leak through sounds like a good answer. This vertical garden could be excellent for vegetables if you don’t already have a garden.

7. Succulent Wreath

vertical gardens

Y’know, I’ve never really thought of a wreath like this before, but essentially it is a kind of vertical garden. People often think of wreaths as temporary decor, but, when looked after, could brighten up your wall for weeks, months and even years!

Arranging your wreath can seem like a daunting task, but it can be thoroughly enjoyable. Picking out the succulents you want, and then deciding how you want them on your wreath. It can be a very therapeutic process. The wreath itself looks festive, but not specifically. By that I mean it works year-round and always fits the season!

8. Set of Drawers Vertical Garden

Now it’s time to get really creative with these vertical gardens, and – frankly – a little crazy. Taking an old cabinet or dresser and transforming it into your new garden piece! The idea is relatively simple to understand; you’ve got a dresser you aren’t using, it has a lot of drawers that aren’t being used. Does it make sense now?

I know this seems like a difficult DIY at first, but, honestly, it’s one of the simplest vertical gardens on the list! The hardest part is finding an old dresser to use. After that, it’s just a simple matter of waterproofing the drawers so they can be used to hold your chosen plants. For me, I prefer using long-hanging plants because they drape over the dresser in a really beautiful way.

Your friends and family will be insanely jealous of your DIY skills once they see this in your house!

9. Ladder Vertical Garden

vertical gardens

I feel like I’ve seen this vertical garden design inside every quirky little cafe or boutique I’ve entered, and I love it! This is the perfect DIY project for those who have trouble finding space for decorating. It doesn’t even have to be only for plants. Feel free to alternate the levels with books to add more rustic to the piece.

If you look at the picture above, all this design requires is a wooden ladder and some of your favorite potted plants. I’ve already expressed my love for hanging plants in this list, and this is one of my favorite ways to incorporate them. Place them on top of the ladder so their leaves fall all the way to the floor. The effect it gives is magnificent! Almost like your home is being taken over by beautiful plants!

vertical gardens
vertical gardens
vertical gardens

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