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10 Ways to Make a More Welcoming Apartment For Guests

Multiple car doors slam shut. Footsteps and cheerful voices can be heard approaching the front entrance. Your guests are ready to be entertained but the question remains: What are you doing? If your answer to this has unearthed some memory of you frantically lighting candles, rearranging pillows, or sweeping the hardwood floor at the very last second, then you’re in the right place. Here we offer 10 ways to help you make a more welcoming apartment.

welcoming apartment
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welcoming apartment

1. Don’t procrastinate. 

In fact, let’s say it again—don’t procrastinate. Put this above everything else and follow it like the 10 commandments. If you’re due to host on Friday night the worst thing you can do is hold off your appointment to Whole Foods and tidying around the house until Friday afternoon. If have enough notice take advantage of the extra time.

2. Take note of sight.

Remember, it starts with the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and ask yourself this: What will they see? In other words, what glorious images will they come across upon entering the premises? An open bag of veggie chips on the couch? Coco’s toys laying around the front living room? (Don’t trip!) Or . . . what’s that? Is that an undergarment hanging out by the staircase?

Remember, a welcoming apartment is an apartment that your guests wouldn’t mind visiting a second time.

3. Speaking of sight…

welcoming apartment

It’s certainly not a bad idea to reevaluate the decoration in your living space. The objects around your house are a reflection of your style and personality. On top of that, good interior never fails to bring in the compliments!

4. Bring the outdoors indoors.

Having a few plants present in the house, primarily in the front areas, brings a sense of liveliness to the space.

welcoming apartment

5. Take note of smell. Especially if you have pets, it’s important to not let Litter Box No. 5 be the first scent your guests catch a whiff of. Have one or two candles burning for at least 10 or 15 minutes before your guests arrive. Other (quicker) alternatives may include spritzing a bit of your favorite perfume around the hallways or placing a natural diffuser near the main visiting area.

6. Take note of taste

Have refreshments and finger snacks out and ready for everyone to enjoy. This not only showcases your excellent hosting skills but it reminds your guests that you genuinely care about making everyone feel most comfortable. If you find yourself concerned about picky pallets, however, simply message your guests beforehand and ask for their preference on food.

welcoming apartment

7. Speaking of good old hospitality . . . 

If you’re still contemplating over setting out other objects such as bathroom towels, pillows, blankets, books, or extra headphones, consider how long your guests will be staying. If they’re spending the night, have these items already waiting for their users in their respective places.

welcoming apartment

8. Take note of hearing

Depending on the occasion, connect your phone to a Bluetooth device and have a fun playlist on before your guests arrive. But remember, whether you’re into pop, soul, jazz, the ’80s, or the ’90s, always remember to pick something that has the potential to appeal to everyone. Spotify and iHeartRadio are great choices places to start.

9. Take note of touch

Have you ever sat down on a couch before, got up, and realized your yoga pants are covered in pet hair? Crumbs? Even if it doesn’t appear to be so, be sure to vacuum around the main sitting area before everyone arrives. Just do it.

10. Make sure you’re in a good mood

This is pretty much self-explanatory. A happy host means happy guests!

welcoming apartment
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